Julie Fujishima resigns as president at a press conference…Takuya Kimura’s wife, Shizuka Kudo, “holds the key” to Takuya Kimura’s independence issue. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Julie Fujishima resigns as president at a press conference…Takuya Kimura’s wife, Shizuka Kudo, “holds the key” to Takuya Kimura’s independence issue.

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Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, who have been going surfing together since their marriage, are one of the best married couples in the entertainment industry.

The press conference to be held on September 7 by the Johnny’s s office in response to the “sexual assault” of Mr. Kitagawa is attracting even more attention. It is said that Keiko Fujishima Julie will step down as president and Noriyuki Higashiyama will become the new president.

More than that, members of the “Association of Parties Concerned with Sexual Assault Issues” held a press conference ahead of the meeting on April 4, demanding that the Johnny’s office establish a fact-finding and dialogue relief committee and a fund, as well as a dialogue with the victims. If the dialogue fails, they have stated that they are considering criminal charges and civil lawsuits overseas, so the focus will likely be on how Johnny’s will respond to the situation.

In the meantime, the sexual assault issue is also having an impact on the talents who belong to the company.

Johnny’s Jr.’s unit, “Ae. group,” which was scheduled to be a special supporter of the Volleyball World Cup to be held in September, has not been chosen for the event! group, a unit of Johnny’s Jr. The reason behind the decision was said to be because of “objections” raised by the participating countries.

In a press conference held on August 4, an expert from the UN Human Rights Council said that “hundreds of celebrities are involved in sexual exploitation and abuse” and that “deeply disturbing allegations have come to light” regarding Janney’s sexual assaults. “Shocking reports,” he said.

In other words, it has already become an international problem, not just in the entertainment industry. Johnny’s can no longer afford to ignore the situation, as it has done in the past.

(A reporter for a national newspaper) Furthermore, Takuya Kimura, who is the “face” of Johnny’s, has been affected by the situation.

The Weekly Bunshun reported that Mr. Kimura had lost a commercial that was scheduled to take place. According to the article, Kimura was supposed to be the image character for a new high-end men’s cosmetics commercial by Shiseido, but the commercial was cancelled due to the fact that the sexual assault issue has not been resolved.

According to a survey of major companies on September 2 by Kyodo News on whether they would use a celebrity from the Johnny’s office in their commercials, the definite answer was “zero. In other words, depending on public opinion and the situation, some companies may decide not to use them in their commercials.

Mr. Kimura, who stayed at the office during SMAP’s independence turmoil, was simultaneously demonized by fans and others. Mr. Kimura, who remained at the office during the SMAP independence turmoil, was treated unfavorably by fans and others, and his contracts for major commercials were terminated across the board.

It is said that it was his wife, Shizuka Kudo, who discouraged him from going independent. The shock of that experience is like a trauma to her, so the fact that the commercials were canceled this time seems to have shocked her even more than Kimura himself,” said an entertainment industry insider.

Since Kimura decided to stay with Johnny’s, his value within the office has become absolute. And now the offers for commercials, dramas, and movies are reminiscent of SMAP’s heyday. ……

It is said that Mr. Kudo was a close friend of Vice President Mary Kitagawa, who held the real power in the office for a long time. However, Mary passed away in 2009. And her daughter, Julie Fujishima, is also stepping down as president.

The “loyalty and humanity” that Mr. Kudo and Mr. Kimura cherish, which is unique to the entertainment industry, is no longer an obstacle to independence. For Mr. Kudo, the only reason for Mr. Kimura to remain with the company is to remain a strong Johnny’s, so it is only natural that he would consider going independent if the sexual assault issue negatively affects his membership. (A person related to the entertainment industry)

Will Kimura stay with the agency that has been rocked by the sexual assault issue? There seems to be no doubt that his wife, Kudo, holds the key.

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