Breaking away from family management! Noriyuki Higashiyama, reportedly the new president of Johnny’s, reveals his “hopes and fears” to those in the know. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Breaking away from family management! Noriyuki Higashiyama, reportedly the new president of Johnny’s, reveals his “hopes and fears” to those in the know.

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Higashi is known for his stoicism, as he has never stopped going to the gym even after breaking a bone. This magazine has also witnessed him training at the gym many times in the past.

The future of the 61-year-old industry leader, who has been experiencing a series of upheavals in his 61 years in the business, is still up in the air. ……

A special team of outside experts has found that Johnny’s has been sexually abusing the talent that belongs to the company for many years. According to the September 4 edition of the Weekly Bunshun (weekly magazine), Noriyuki Higashiyama (56) has been selected to replace him. An employee of a key station said.

The BBC’s report on Janney’s sexual assault quickly spread around the world and became a major social issue in Japan as well. There is still no sign of the uproar being extinguished.

The appointment of a new president in the face of headwinds is a difficult task, like picking chestnuts out of the fire, but in order to appeal for the revival of the office, it is necessary to be clean and to have the experience and trust to unite the many talents belonging to the office. I think it is a very appropriate decision to appoint Mr. Higashiyama, who has already assumed the post of office executive and is the oldest member of the company, as the new president.

Mr. Higashiyama has starred in the popular detective drama “Detective 7” (TV Asahi), which began airing in 2003 and continued for nine series until this summer, and is also the main anchor of the station’s Sunday morning information program “Sunday Live! a Sunday morning information program on the same station, and is also the main anchor of “Sunday LIVE! Although he seems to be the most suitable person for the new office, there are also whispers of uneasiness about his appointment as the new president. An entertainment industry insider reveals.

Hideaki Takizawa, 41, the current president of TOBE, who retired from his post as vice president of Johnny’s last fall, has retired and is concentrating on working behind the scenes. While implementing a series of reforms at the office, he has also demonstrated his talent as a stage producer and director.

He also had the practical ability to help young promising talents such as “Snow Man” and “SixTONES” to debut and become popular groups. Whether Higashiyama-san has the determination and skills to do so is still an open question.

There are other factors that cause concern as well. A former entertainment industry insider continues.

There has been a succession of talents who have left Johnny’s, but without Johnny, Mary, and Julie in the office, there is no denying the possibility of further talent defections. It remains to be seen how much of a deterrent the new president, Higashiyama-san, will be to the remaining talent in the company.

There are also other factors outside the company. As was reported when Shiseido withdrew its decision to use Kim Taku as a character in a high-end men’s cosmetics commercial, many of the dozens of other sponsors are reportedly reluctant to use a Johnny’s celebrity in their commercials.

Shortly after the sex-abuse report became public, moves to remove Johnny’s talent among foreign sponsors, advertising agencies, and other companies accelerated simultaneously. This trend has intensified now that they have been confirmed as sexual abusers. With the Johnny’s Sexual Assault Association becoming more active, it will not be easy to dispel the many negative images surrounding the office.

Mr. Higashiyama, due to his position, has kept his assertions on the series of issues to a minimum. This may be why the public has the impression that he is a person who defends his office. If that is the case, I wonder if sponsors will be able to honestly sign contracts with him. …… I think there are some difficulties,” said an official at a major advertising agency.

The new president Higashiyama is expected to have a difficult start. What does the future hold for the new Johnny’s’s? ……

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