Satomi Ishihara, looking sexy in a pink dress and short hair, “Countdown to a full-fledged return to acting”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Satomi Ishihara, looking sexy in a pink dress and short hair, “Countdown to a full-fledged return to acting”.

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Ishihara wears a bright pink dress. Even after pregnancy and childbirth, her beauty remains unchanged.

After pregnancy and childbirth, Satomi Ishihara (36) is about to make a full-fledged return to acting.

Ishihara reported her marriage to an ordinary man in January ’21. In January 2009, she announced her pregnancy and temporarily took a leave of absence from the entertainment industry, but after giving birth to her first child in April of the same year, she returned to work just three months later on the NHK program “Ashita ga kawaru trisetsu show” (NHK), in which she serves as MC. Ishihara will soon return to acting in earnest.

Ishihara, who has refrained from acting since giving birth, has announced that she has started filming “Missing,” a movie scheduled for release in 2012. The film is directed by Keisuke Yoshida, and Ms. Ishihara had asked him directly six years ago if he would be willing to work with her in any role. It seems that he has decided to make a full-fledged comeback, as that has now come true.

She has also been cast as the lead in a drama series to be broadcast next April, and filming has already begun. However, since she is still in the early postpartum period, the filming itself seems to be going at a slower pace to accommodate Ms. Ishihara,” said an entertainment professional.

Ishihara has told those around her that her priority is child rearing. Why the rush to return to acting? It is said that her intention is to prevent her popularity from declining.

Ishihara has not had a major work since the drama “Unnatural” (TBS) broadcast in 2006, and I think she is impatient. Needless to say, announcing her marriage at that stage has alienated her male fans. Therefore, the next fan base we need is support from the same sex. By returning to work early, it will be easier for her to be recognized as a mamatare, and I think her intention is to gain support from fans of the same sex.

In June of this year, she made a surprise appearance at “MOVE FES. 2023 Supported by AIRU,” a music festival aimed at raising awareness of ALS. With her all-pink styling, unchanged good looks, and her signature cute smile, she expressed her feelings about the documentary film she narrated.

Although it has only been a year since she gave birth, Ishihara says that her husband’s devoted support is one of the reasons she has been able to return to work full time.

She is often seen taking walks with her family of three while pushing a stroller. It is said that her husband actively shares the responsibility of housework and childcare so that Ms. Ishihara can concentrate on her work. In addition, he seems to be adjusting his work schedule to make time for his family and create an environment where Ms. Ishihara can return to work with peace of mind,” said another entertainment professional.

We look forward to the start of the “second chapter of Satomi Ishihara as an actress.

Ishihara is gradually resuming her acting career. She also looks beautiful with a short cut!
During the event, she even smiled. It has been a while since she has been on the stage, but her cheerful character was still there.
[Image] Satomi Ishihara “Countdown to Full-fledged Return to Acting
[Image] Satomi Ishihara “Countdown to Full-fledged Return to Acting”
[Image] Satomi Ishihara “Countdown to Return to Acting”
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