Bishonen”, “Naked boy”… The “boy” word “renaming problem” that has emerged in the crisis of the dismantling of the Johnny’s office and its re-starting. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Bishonen”, “Naked boy”… The “boy” word “renaming problem” that has emerged in the crisis of the dismantling of the Johnny’s office and its re-starting.

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The word “boy” has been used in the names of many groups and programs since the old days of “Shonen-tai.

In the wake of the sexual assault scandal involving the late former president, Johnny’s, the Johnny’s office is under pressure to reorganize itself. At a press conference held on August 29, the “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence” of outside experts investigating the issue confirmed the sexual assault and called for the resignation of President Keiko Fujishima Julie (57), shaking the very foundations of the company. Amidst this situation, there are concerns about the possibility of “other turmoil” arising from the same issue. The issue is the handling of the names of “programs,” “groups,” and “stages” related to Johnny’s. “Johnny’s” is the name of a program in the 1960s and 1970s, and “Johnny’s” is the name of a group in the 1970s.

Until the death of Mr. Johnny’s in 2007, he had initiated or approved many of the names of the groups he pushed and the names of the shows and stages in which his talents mainly appeared. However, now that the sexual assault issue has come to light, some people are concerned about the excessive use of the word “boy.

The team found that Mr. Johnny’s repeatedly sexually abused many of the boys in the Johnny’s Jr. group from the early 1970s to the mid-2010s. The team also found that Mr. Janney had “abnormal sexual preferences” and that he mainly targeted middle school-aged boys.

The report also noted that Johnny’s had an “abnormal sexual preference” for boys, and that his targets were mainly junior high school-aged boys.

The names of groups that include the word “boy” include the Shonendai, which debuted in 1985, and the popular Johnny’s Jr. group Bishonen, which was formed in 2004. Bishonen, formed in 2004, was also known as Sexy Bishonen, a more “racy” name for a while.

Johnny’s Jr. also has “Shonen Ninja,” formed in 2006. In 2011, the Kansai Johnny’s Jr. unit “A Boy” was also formed. In addition to “Sexy Zone,” “Sexy Boyz” and “Sexy Matsu” were formed as younger siblings of the same group,” says an idol writer.

There are several striking titles for TV programs as well. Among them, the name that tends to evoke sexual images is the “Naked Boy” (TV Asahi) series, a variety show that has been broadcast since 2001 after a hiatus (the title has been “#Naked Boy” since April of this year). It is a variety show in which Johnny’s Jr. from the East and West engage in stiff competition, and the words “naked” and “boy” are very strong.

Another unique title is “The Shonen Club,” a music variety show started in 2000 and broadcast on NHK BS Premium and BS 4K, featuring Johnny’s Jr. and others.

In the past, there was the “Abunai Shonen” series (TV Tokyo), a serial drama series that began in 1987 and starred Hikaru Genji and others. In addition, “Shonen-tachi” is the title of a musical planned, composed, and directed by Mr. Johnny and performed by Johnny’s Jr. and others since 1969. This year’s production will star “Bishonen” in October. BOYS” in the popular stage series “DREAM BOYS” also means “boys. The word “boy” is conspicuously used in a variety of places, and after the sexual assault issue came to light in the entertainment industry, concerns are often voiced as to whether these names can continue to be used in the same way.

Johnny’s plans to hold a press conference on September 7 in response to the report of the investigation by the Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence. There are indications that President Julie will resign and a new structure will be announced, but it is possible that the sexual assault issue will spill over into the naming issue in the future. In fact, on May 21, Noriyuki Higashiyama, the “eldest brother” of Johnny’s’s, announced in an interview on the information program “Sunday Live! (TV Asahi), the information program for which Higashiyama is the main anchor, on May 21, he also mentioned the possibility of changing the name of the office, “including whether the name should be kept.

If there is an increased demand to rebuild Johnny’s from the ground up, there may be a discussion about changing the names of the various groups, including Johnny’s, which have words such as “boys” and may be associated with sexual assault. If the name of the office is changed, there is also the question of what to do with the names of the groups, such as “Kanjani Eight” and “Johnny’s West,” and there is a need to take into consideration the feelings of the fans who are so passionate about the group. The “name change issue” triggered by the sexual assault issue is likely to linger for some time.

It has already been announced that Mr. Janney’s title of “Eternal Producer” will be removed from this year’s “Dream Boys,” which will open on September 9, and this has already had a real impact. His “abnormal sexual preference” may shake the name of the “work” he left behind.

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