Johnny’s’s’s reputation is split over the report of sexual assault… Seiji Miyane and Ayaka Ogawa’s “stock has risen” and Hiroshi Sekiguchi and Bakusho’s Ota’s “stock has fallen | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s’s reputation is split over the report of sexual assault… Seiji Miyane and Ayaka Ogawa’s “stock has risen” and Hiroshi Sekiguchi and Bakusho’s Ota’s “stock has fallen

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Seiji Miyane (left) and Ayaka Ogawa (right), whose stock has been raised by reports of Johnny’s sexual assault. ……

The media’s response to the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s’s office founder, Mr. Kitagawa. Johnny’s will finally hold its first press conference on September 7. It is inevitable that it will be a press conference that will attract attention not only from Japan but from the world.

On the other hand, the media, which has been silent on Mr. Janney’s actions, is also to blame.

All TV stations are now issuing their comments. The newscasters of various TV programs are also having more opportunities to express their own opinions.

Among them, the one who put forth words of “no discovery” was Seiji Miyane of “Information Live Miyaneya” (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

In an August 30 broadcast of the same program, Miyane explained the reason for TV’s tacit approval.

There are many excellent talents and artists in Johnny’s office, and we want them to appear on TV because they can get viewer ratings. When there were allegations, exposure books, or features by the Weekly Bunshun, we were not aggressive or hardly took them up.”

I answered with a direct answer. He then added

I think we have to apologize to the victims as mass media. I sometimes wonder if I am qualified to speak.

I wonder if I am qualified to speak.

Yumiko Arido, a newscaster of “news zero” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), also spoke out in an episode broadcast on August 29.

As a member of the media, I feel ashamed that I did not take action before I was pointed out in this way,” she confessed.

She continued. She continued.

Today, you pointed out the silence of the mass media, but this is an issue that confronts each and every member of the media, including myself. Why we have remained silent is a serious question, and one that we must face with resolve.

I will face this issue with determination.

Another person to whom the public gave a certain amount of credit was freelance announcer Takako Zenba, who, in response to the recommendations of the special team for the prevention of recurrence, stated in a TBS “Special Report” broadcast on February 2: “This investigation report indicates that at least several hundred people have been sexually assaulted.

The report of the investigation indicates that there are at least several hundred people who have been sexually assaulted, and that the current president, Mr. Julie, has been involved in the sexual abuse. The current president, Mr. Julie, was admitted to have been aware of the allegations of sexual assault more than 20 years ago,” he pointed out.

He pointed out. He continued.

I believe that President Julie Fujishima herself has a responsibility to attend the press conference at the Johnny’s office next week on the 7th to talk about the actual situation.”

He assured us that he would attend the press conference.

Ayaka Ogawa, also of TBS’s “news23,” was quick to clarify her position on the issue, saying in a May 11 broadcast that former Johnny’s Jr. member Cowan Okamoto and others had “come forward” with accusations.

I wonder how much of this kind of damage has been reported by the news media. At the very least, our programs have not covered it. Mr. Cowan’s statement is very serious, and I feel that we must face up to his words.

He expressed his intention to do so.

In contrast, the worst was Hiroshi Sekiguchi, who touched on this issue on “Sunday Morning,” also on TBS, broadcast on March 3.

He commented, “I think it is a very difficult question as to the direction in which the situation will settle down.

He commented, “I didn’t think it was such a big deal.

I didn’t think it was such a big deal. In other words, I think there was a lack of recognition on my part. I regret this.

He commented, “I have regretted this. Depending on how you look at it, it could be taken as a confession that he was aware of the situation but thought it was “no big deal.

He said, “People of Mr. Sekiguchi’s generation have seen and heard about Mr. Janney’s suspicions. “People of Mr. Sekiguchi’s generation have seen and heard about Mr. Janney’s suspicions, and even made fun of them at the bar. He must have been left behind by the changes of the times because he lived through those times.

In a sense, the person who was worse than Sekiguchi was Hikaru Ota of the comedy duo “Bakusho Mondai,” who touched on this issue on the Sunday Japon broadcast (TBS) on March 3, saying, “It’s a popular business.

In an episode of “Sun Japon” broadcast on TBS on March 3 (JST), Hikaru Ota, a member of the comedy duo “Bakunin Mondai”, said, “It’s a popular business, and it’s a celebrity issue, so no matter what we do, the story will always be scandalous and gossipy in a wide-show way.

The conversation begins to take a suspicious turn. He continued.

“What was the extent of the legal system at the time when Mr. Janney published his expose book? Was there a legal way to appeal to the authorities, not the mass media? Was Mr. Janney himself aware that it was a crime?

He raised the question, “Did Mr. Janney himself recognize that it was a crime? The last question was

I am not defending Mr. Julie, but the most fundamental solution is to create an environment where she can speak frankly. They talk about preventing a recurrence, but Mr. Janney is no longer with us, and rather than preventing a recurrence, it is more important to calmly and unaffectedly pursue what happened from the past to the present.

He said.

This was greeted on the Internet with the following comments

“What a crazy theory!
What is he trying to say?
“It’s not good to be contrary to everything.

What are you trying to say?

A person who knows Ota said, “He seems like a lazy character.

He may appear to be a lazy character, but he is a diligent student. However, like a philosopher, he pursues the truth, so his themes tend to go in the wrong direction. I think he is more concerned about the future of the Johnny’s issue than anyone else. ……

I think you are more concerned about the future of the Johnny’s issue than anyone else,” he said.

It seems that the series of sexual assault issues served as a litmus paper to determine the “caliber” of each program’s anchor.

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