Second “adultery allegation” report “Jungle Pocket” Shinji Saito: Is it “only a matter of time” before he is dropped from Nippon TV’s “ZIP”? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Second “adultery allegation” report “Jungle Pocket” Shinji Saito: Is it “only a matter of time” before he is dropped from Nippon TV’s “ZIP”?

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Shinji Saito of “Janpoke” bows his head and admits the truth in a direct interview about the affair report.

The phrase “even a Buddha’s face is not good enough for three times” may not be applicable in the world of television.

The first was with a hostess in Fukuoka, and the second with a former gravure idol.

On August 23, after the first affair was reported, Saito appeared on “ZIP!” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), a Wednesday program, and apologized live on air.

(NTV). The host of the program, announcer Mami Mizuto, said, “Today, I’d like to start with Ms. Saito.

Asami Mizuto, the announcer of the show, said, “First of all, Ms. Saito has something to say to the viewers today.

Saito said.

I am truly sorry for causing such a public disturbance and making you feel uncomfortable.

I will try my best to make everyone smile as much as possible.

I will try my best to discipline myself so that I can make everyone smile as much as possible,” he apologized with a mysterious expression on his face.

On the same day that Friday was released, the second affair was revealed at a comedy live performance at Lumine the Yoshimoto in Shinjuku, Tokyo. At the beginning of the comedy act, Hirohisa Ota, the leader of the group, said

“You’re going through a lot in your private life, aren’t you?

Saito bowed his head to the audience for about five seconds.

Saito’s first appearance in the theater was a bit of a shock to the audience, but on TV, it is a much more serious matter.

If the woman had reported the incident, she could have been arrested for indecent assault. ZIP!” places great importance on its female viewer base and is very averse to sexual scandals such as this. Ms. Saito has only been a regular since July, but there is no choice but to cut her loose. If there is no censure, there is a possibility that the viewers will complain to the sponsors.

Saito’s wife, Saori Seto, announced the pregnancy of their first child on August 29, 2007. A boy was born in November of the same year. The second affair took place in September 2008, which means that they had an affair before the child was even one year old.

During the first apology, after the opening video, Mizuto said

Saito-san, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you, but when I don’t know how to end this conversation, I use your signature line, “Hah~y! I’ve been using it lately when I don’t know how to end a story.

This got a laugh.

He laughed and said, “It was talked about as a nice assist, but it must be tough the second time. It could be taken as Mizutoh defending Saito. Moreover, there are many cases of comedians playing around not only in Tokyo but also in the countryside, so if there are more reports of “second and third arrows,” it will be very difficult to work on morning news programs.

Saito apologized on SNS for the first incident, but has remained silent on the second incident. There may have been some movement. ……” (TV station official)

On the 3rd, it was announced on the program that Saito had left the “Regional Development Program ONE-J” (TBS Radio), where he is a personality. The impact on her work is beginning to show, and it remains to be seen what will happen to her next appearance on “ZIP!

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