Sompo Japan President Giichi Shirakawa was questioned about his alleged complicity in the fraudulent insurance claims by Big Motor! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sompo Japan President Giichi Shirakawa was questioned about his alleged complicity in the fraudulent insurance claims by Big Motor!

Did you really not know?

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Mr. Shirakawa answers a direct question. He was soft-spoken, but left without answering specific questions.

Big Motor is working with Deloitte Tohmatsu, a major consulting firm, on the restructuring of the company. However, there are many issues to be addressed, and a rough road is expected.

On July 31, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued a report collection order to seven of Big Motor’s non-life insurers, and the deadline for submitting the report is set for the end of August. The deadline for submitting the report is approaching at the end of August. Of these, Sompo Japan is having the most trouble.

Former Big Motor executive vice president Koichi Kaneshige (35) used to work for Sompo Japan, and 37 employees were transferred to Sompo Japan from 2011 to the present. There is a possibility that he may have tacitly approved of the fraud, and the FSA has designated the matter as a priority investigation target.

The president, Giichi Shirakawa, 53, is a graduate of Ritsumeikan University. He was elected as an executive officer in 1919 at the young age of 48. He was selected as the president in ’22 among 37 executives who were senior to him in years. He is a very shrewd man, but if he had overlooked the fraud, his resignation would be inevitable.

In fact, FRIDAY has obtained testimony from a former Big Motor executive that he was directly instructed by a Sompo Japan employee on how to take photographs to overstate the damage to cars.

We interviewed Mr. Shirakawa in late August as he was leaving his luxury Tokyo apartment to go to work.

–I heard a rumor that you were going to resign after submitting the report.

I am sorry. I have a duty of confidentiality.

–Up until now, you have claimed that you had no way of knowing, but is that still the case today?


Mr. Shirakawa silently got into his Lexus for transportation and drove away.

Later, Sompo Japan’s public relations department responded, saying “We will refrain from responding” to the possibility of Shirakawa’s resignation. Regarding the actual situation of the tacit approval of the fraud, they replied, “We would like to confirm the facts,” if the case could be identified.

A true elite manager should know very well that the company will lose credibility if it does not fulfill its accountability. ……

From the September 8, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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