Big Motor’s Current Employees Reveal “Power Harassment Structure Has Not Changed Even After Kaneshige and His Son Quit | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Big Motor’s Current Employees Reveal “Power Harassment Structure Has Not Changed Even After Kaneshige and His Son Quit

One month after the new president took office, excessive quotas have been eliminated, but the frontline is still screaming...

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I visited the national store, but found few customers. The display space was also conspicuously empty, perhaps due to the fact that a large amount of inventory was being sold to vendors to secure funds.

Even though the top management has been replaced, nothing has changed on the shop floor. Even now, depending on the mood of the boss, unreasonable violence is common.

Mr. A, a current employee who still works for Big Motor, said, “The former president, Hiroyuki Kaneshige, was the one who took over the company.

One month has passed since former president Hiroyuki Kaneshige (71) and his son Koichi (35) stepped down and Big Motor restarted under new president Shinji Izumi (54). When this magazine visited the store in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, in late August, the store was deserted, with only a few customers and about half of the display space empty.

Furthermore, a sad cry is still coming from the scene. Mr. A continues.

Since the number of customers has gone down, the power harassment by the bosses has only gotten worse. My performance has continued to decline, and my boss is always in a bad mood. One after another people left the company, and since I was the youngest in the store, I became the target of the harassment. It was common to be yelled at for unreasonable reasons. In front of everyone, I was told, “Pack up your stuff and get out! You don’t belong here! You don’t belong here! I was so angry and frustrated that it was just too much work.

Today, the excessive quotas have been abolished. However, it seems that the long-cultivated structure of the company will not be easily improved.

In August, the environmental maintenance inspections at the head office stopped, but I was still forced to weed all day long under the blazing sun. I don’t think this kind of structure will change in the future.

When the new president Izumi took office, he suspended LINE accounts on employees’ company cell phones and deleted group LINE lines, which had been a hotbed of power harassment. According to Ms. A and another current employee, the manager still sends her threats about sales and other verbal threats day and night.

Another employee testified that the manager privatized the store and changed incentives based on his personal likes and dislikes.

In late August, the new president Izumi sent out a video message to employees. In late August, the new president issued a video message to employees, declaring, “We will transform ourselves into a company that places the highest priority on compliance. However, there are no signs of improvement.

Automotive journalist Kumiko Kato has harsh words for the company.

Kumiko Kato, an automotive journalist, has harsh words for the company: “Currently, reforms have not been thoroughly implemented down to the very end of the company. It will certainly take a long time to improve the company’s structure, but President Izumi has the responsibility to see it through to the end.

As long as the company continues to disrespect its employees, it will be impossible to truly rebuild the company.

President Izumi has posted messages to “bring employees closer together,” twice in August alone, and is expected to continue to do so in the future.

From the September 15 and 22, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

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