Johnny’s Sexual Assault “Special Team for the Prevention of Sexual Assault Against Women” fails to mention “criminalization” and “government initiatives. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s Sexual Assault “Special Team for the Prevention of Sexual Assault Against Women” fails to mention “criminalization” and “government initiatives.

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The president of Johnny’s, Julie Fujishima, is expected to resign from her post. …… (from the official website)

On August 29, the “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence” (chaired by former Prosecutor General Makoto Hayashi) of outside experts who were investigating the sexual assault of former Johnny’s president Janney Kitagawa (died in 2007 at the age of 87) held a press conference in Tokyo and found that Mr. Johnny’s had repeatedly sexually assaulted hundreds of Johnny’s Jr. The team found that Mr. Janney had repeatedly sexually assaulted hundreds of Johnny’s Jr.

He pointed out that this had been covered up due to the evils of a family-owned company, and proposed the resignation of President Keiko Fujishima Julie Fujishima, Janie’s niece, and an apology and compensation to the victims. Furthermore,

We obtained a statement that “there was a widespread perception among Johnny’s Jr. that if they were sexually abused by Mr. Johnny, they would be treated favorably, and if they refused, they would be given the cold shoulder.”

“Mr. Janney took advantage of these victims’ sentiments in his sexual assaults.

He pointed out the “structure of Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults.

He also pointed out the response of Janney’s sister and former vice president, Mary Kitagawa (died in 2009 at the age of 93),

She knew that Janney’s sexual predilection for boys was continuing, but she refused to stop his behavior, and as a result, she left him alone. These actions by Mr. Merry caused the damage to escalate.”

He also mentioned that “the damage was caused by such actions of Mr. Merry. In addition, in his apology video, he said

I didn’t know.”

In his apology video, he said, “I didn’t know.

However, he did not take any proactive action, such as investigating the fact of sexual assault.

He pointed out that “the company was aware of the allegations of sexual assault by Mr. Janney against Johnny Jr. He also stated that “the Johnny’s Office will be dismantled in the future,

In order for the Johnny’s office to make a clean start, it is necessary to replace the president and CEO, who is the top management of the office,” he said.

He also recommended that President Julie resign.

It is commendable that the “special team” clarified the reality of Janney’s sexual assault and recognized the facts, and that it also went into the problems of former vice president Mary Kitagawa and president Keiko Fujishima and made detailed recommendations for specific relief measures for the victims.

In any case.

The court found that the defendant “sexually assaulted the minor by bathing with her, sharing the bed with her, kissing her, caressing her, fondling her genitals, having oral sex with her, or forcing her to have anal intercourse with him.

These acts are clearly serious criminal acts that constitute indecent assault and nonconsensual sexual intercourse.

Nevertheless, why were they not investigated by the investigative authorities?

The chairperson of the investigation team, Makoto Hayashi, is a former Prosecutor General, and the investigative authorities should have mentioned this unprecedented issue, which contributed to Julie’s overlooking the sexual crimes and increasing the damage.

In the UK, Jimmy Savile, the host of a popular BBC program who died in ’11 at the age of 84, was suspected of sexually abusing 450 mainly children between ’55 and ’09, Scotland Yard The London Metropolitan Police and the British Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children jointly investigated the allegations and published a report in 2001, after Mr. Saville’s death.

In addition to monetary compensation to the victims, it would be good if the investigative authorities, with the cooperation of a “special team to prevent recurrence,” investigated and documented Janney’s sexual abuse to help prevent recurrence, as was done by Scotland Yard in the UK in its investigation and report after the death of Mr. Saville. The “Special Team” should be able to investigate and document Mr. Janney’s sexual misconduct.

This is all the more important since it has been pointed out that some of Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults may not yet be covered by the statute of limitations.

Another is that the UN Human Rights Council’s Working Group on Business and Human Rights held a press conference in Tokyo on August 4 to announce the results of its investigation into Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults.

The Working Group recommended that “the government must take the initiative in providing relief to the victims, whether it be an apology or financial compensation.

The report of the “special team” recommended that

“the need for the government to take the initiative.

The report of the “special team” did not even mention the “need for proactive government action.

Following the release of the UN Working Group’s report, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroshi Matsuno said at a press conference at the time

At a press conference at the time, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroshi Matsuno stated the obvious generalization: “(Sexual assault) must not happen.

The recommendations of the UN Working Group were not mentioned,

The recommendations of the UN Working Group are not legally enforceable.

The Chief Cabinet Secretary stated at that time at a press conference that “sexual assault should not be allowed to occur. The UN Working Group’s recommendations are not legally enforceable,” he said, dismissing the issue at the door.

The government should have investigated Janney’s sexual assault, which has become a major social issue, discussed the issue in the Diet, and announced the government’s position on relief for the victims.

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has held hearings with the victims, including Johnny’s Jr. and others, and has proposed that the current law on the prevention of child abuse be amended to address the inadequacy of the law, which defines child abuse as an act by a guardian and does not cover abuse by a third party, but this has yet to happen.

Shimon Ishimaru, a former Johnny’s Jr. member who confessed to sexual abuse, and others attended a meeting held by the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan in the Diet on August 30, and

Mr. Shimon Ishimaru said, “I believe that true relief for victims will not be possible unless the government, the office, and the association of the victims work in unison. The involvement of the national government is absolutely necessary.

The government should listen to this voice. Shouldn’t the government listen to this voice?

The Johnny’s’s office announced that it will hold a press conference on the 7th, and it will be interesting to see what they will reveal about their efforts, including the departure of President Julie.

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