Fans rejoice at Tsubasa Honda’s “too cute and cheeky” off-shot! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans rejoice at Tsubasa Honda’s “too cute and cheeky” off-shot!

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Actress Tsubasa Honda (31) posted a “mockingly cute” private shot on her Instagram, which was praised by fans as “too cute! and “too cute!

The private shot of Tsubasa Honda, 31, with a picture of her cooking and a private shot full of off-duty feeling. The photo shows her relaxing at home and looking cute. …… (from his Instagram @tsubasa_0627official)

On August 27, Honda was off for the day?

[Claire] I hear the sounds of a festival outside, but I wonder if there will be yakisoba noodles and chocolate bananas. I’m not going to answer that.

He posted a photo of himself relaxing in a rough T-shirt with the comment, “I’m not going to answer that.

The expression on her face, with one cheek puffed out and her eyes looking up, was met with the comment, “Your cheeks are so cute!

The “I’m not going to answer it, but it’s too cute.”

I can’t win anything but Batsaa!”

She is a very talented actress.

In addition to her work as an actress, Honda is also widely known for her YouTube activities on her YouTube channel, “Honda no Baiku. The channel boasts over 2.1 million registered users, but updates have been slow recently, with a video posted in April being the last update.

When he appeared as a guest on “Ano’s All Night Nippon 0” (Nippon Broadcasting System) broadcast late at night on August 29, artist Ano, with whom he is good friends in private, pointed out that he is “bored” with his work.

He asked her directly, “Don’t you do YouTube? Honda replied, “I’m going to start from reentering my account at ……,” hinting that it had been too long since she had logged in and that it would be a hurdle for her to resume YouTube.

There must be many fans waiting for the update, but when will we be able to see “Bussa” again ……? We are looking forward to that day!

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