Janpoke Saito Shinji: Cabaret girl followed by former gradol… Second alleged affair, social networking sites say, “Even if his wife forgives him…” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Janpoke Saito Shinji: Cabaret girl followed by former gradol… Second alleged affair, social networking sites say, “Even if his wife forgives him…”

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Saito being interviewed directly by FRIDAY for the second time.

If it is the first time, but if it is the second time, it seems that the world will not be so lenient, no matter how much his wife forgives him. ……

On August 17, FRIDAY reported on the affair between “Jungle Pocket” Shinji Saito (40) and a beautiful cabaret girl resembling Ayami Nakajo.

Saito came to a cabaret club in Fukuoka with a man on the night of June 3 this year. It seems that she had a relationship with cast member Ms. A, whom she met for the first time, that day. After that, Saito seemed to be calling A on a daily basis” (an acquaintance of Ms. A).

Saito, when directly interviewed by this magazine, said,

Saito said, “Oh no, I’ve already …… fallen into the devil’s trap. I’m sorry.

Saito was also having an affair with another person. She is a former gravure idol, Ms. B (26). According to her, they met at a dinner party on September 11, 2008,

After exchanging lines, he called me and asked me, ‘Do you have big breasts? After exchanging lines, he would call me on the phone and ask, ‘Do you have big breasts?

Saito said.

Saito approached me several times after that, and we met again the week after our dinner meeting. She was summoned to an apartment in Ebisu and taken to a small room with only a bed, where Saito forcefully kissed her. She says that she ran away from the apartment and they never had a further relationship. We directly asked him about this new allegation. Saito said,

……Errr, you remember.”

–What happened after that?

No, I kind of don’t remember. ……

–Saito said, “Well, I don’t remember.


–That’s where she was hugged and kissed by Mr. Saito, and she refused his attempts to proceed further.

I definitely did not do anything like forcing her.”

–Mr. Saito’s wife may not have been aware of this incident.

‘No, we’ve talked about this time, and we’ve talked about the past, too. ……

He said that and walked away.

In response to the previous report, his wife, Saori Seto (35), said

However, after this betrayal, we would like to take time to talk about how we can become a couple who is loved by everyone.

The social networking site also revealed its displeasure with Saito’s adultery by commenting, “Adultery is a marital issue,

The social networking sites that had expressed their displeasure with Saito’s infidelity also responded, “Infidelity is a marital issue…”

Saito is lucky to have such a wife.

The number of voices criticizing Saito had decreased considerably. However, this is the second time the allegations have been made in the news,

No matter how much his wife forgives him, his fans feel betrayed because he has been acting like a good guy for so long.

He said, “His wife has forgiven him, so their marriage must be good. But I don’t want to see him on TV anymore.

But I don’t want to see him on TV anymore.

After the first report of the affair, many media outlets received information that “Saito had more than one or two lovers. I thought it was only a matter of time before a follow-up report would come out, but I didn’t realize it would be this early…. I think there is still a possibility that more will come out.

At the time of the first report of the affair, thanks to the covering fire of Hirohisa Ota (39) and Otake (40), members of Janpoke, they were able to turn it into a laugh, but as expected, after the second time, no one may be able to laugh anymore.

Ms. B responded to FRIDAY’s direct interview on a street in Tokyo, revealing that “Mr. Saito told me I was really cute from the moment we met.
She occasionally choked on her words in the face of the direct interview at a time when the previous reports of the affair in Fukuoka were just beginning to abate.
Despite his expression of contrition, the allegations still seem to be coming out…
Ms. A., interviewed by this magazine in Fukuoka Prefecture. Saito had been to the restaurant many times before, and one cast member said, “I hear he’s coming back” (September 1, 2011 issue).
Saito is interviewed directly for the first time. Saito vowed, “I will make sure this kind of thing will never happen again…” (September 1, 2011 issue)
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