The “Miyaneya” sports newspaper’s “weak-kneedness” in keeping “silence” in the face of the huge outcry over Seiji Miyane’s “Johnny’s” penance for “Johnny’s” discovery. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “Miyaneya” sports newspaper’s “weak-kneedness” in keeping “silence” in the face of the huge outcry over Seiji Miyane’s “Johnny’s” penance for “Johnny’s” discovery.

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Seiji Miyane confessed on “Miyaneya” about his “discovery of Johnny’s” in 2002.

The “sexual assault” of the late Johnny’s founder, Mr. Kitagawa, has entered a new phase.

On July 29, a special team of outside experts held a press conference in Tokyo to report on their investigation into the sexual assault of the late former president, Janney Kitagawa. Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults were

“At the very least, there are several hundred victims.

and urged the office to acknowledge the sexual assault as fact, apologize, and consider remedial measures, including monetary compensation.

He also cited the negative effects of family-run management as one of the biggest causes of governance failure,

With Mr. Julie at the helm, it will be extremely difficult to fundamentally change the mindset of employees and executives and make a fresh start,” he said.

The report also recommended that Mr. Julie resign in order to achieve a fresh start.

The special team’s decision to go so far as to have Mr. Julie resign came as a surprise to some, but it is believed that Mr. Julie had originally indicated his intention to step down.

It is likely that Mr. Julie will not attend the press conference to be held on September 7 at Johnny’s.” (A source in the entertainment industry with knowledge of the situation)

In the same report, he told some of the mass media

The report states, “There may have been a situation in which the media refrained from reporting on Johnny’s’s sexual assaults, fearing that if they did, they would not be able to have the talents of the Johnny’s office appear on their programs or in their magazines.

Some people have questioned the responsibility of Johnny’s, saying that the media’s silence on the sexual assaults by Mr. Janney’s reinforced the cover-up without the Johnny’s office’s ability to clean up its act.

Some people questioned the responsibility of the media for the situation.

In response, Seiji Miyane of “Information Live Miyaneya” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) said in an episode broadcast on January 30, “I think we, including the media, are in a position to apologize to Mr. Yasushi Hashida, the former victim of sexual assault by a former Johnny’s Jr.

He said, “I think we, including the media, are in a position to apologize to Mr. Hashida and others. There are many talents and artists in Johnny’s office, and we want them to appear on TV. The reason why is because they can get ratings.

When there were allegations, or an exposé book came out, or the Weekly Bunshun did a feature on them, we were not proactive, or rather, we barely covered them.”

He confessed. He then added

I think we, as mass media, must apologize to Mr. Hashida and other victims. I sometimes wonder if I am qualified to speak.

Miyane revealed her mixed feelings about the situation.

Miyane, who had gone so far, was greeted on SNS with

“Well said!

I guess I’m an accomplice after all.

“Miyane, are you sure you are okay saying this?

Miyane’s opinion was “well said,” “is she complicit after all,” and “is Miyane okay with this kind of thing?

Miyaneya has been actively addressing the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s, and devoted the majority of its August 30 broadcast to this issue.

Miyaneya is known for its high-spiritedness on the former Unification Church issue. In contrast to other stations, which have kept the treatment of the issue of sexual assault by Johnny’s to the minimum necessary, Miyaneya seems to be going about it without discovery. Even on the Internet, Miyaneya seems to be well received, with viewers saying, “Miyaneya is the only one I can trust.

In contrast, the sports newspapers, which are close friends of Johnny’s, are not so enthusiastic. In particular, the six morning newspapers, Sports Nippon, Nikkan Sports, Sports Hochi, Sankei Sports, Daily Sports, and Tokyo Chunichi Sports, are holding their breath as if waiting for the storm to pass.

They have not distributed any “kotatsu” articles that would lead to criticism of the mass media. I think the morning sports papers hardly picked up Miyane’s comments.

They are afraid of the fire that would be thrown at them. The fact that the Johnny’s office has grown so large is due in large part to the influence of the sports papers.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Like television, the morning edition sports papers also increase sales by reporting interviews with Johnny’s celebrities.

“Basically, there is no pay. In addition, on “chin-ashi” business trips organized by Johnny’s, they sometimes share drinks with Johnny’s members and have the members serve them drinks. Since this kind of structure is so ingrained in them, it is impossible for them to turn to criticism now.

NHK and the major commercial broadcasters issued statements in response to the findings of the special team. At this point, no sports newspaper has responded in the same way.

Are they going to continue their “silence” without facing up to the issue?

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