Noriyuki Higashiyama, “Johnny’s new presidential candidate,” is still facing headwinds from “allegations that he turned a blind eye” and “through sexual assault on his TV program. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Noriyuki Higashiyama, “Johnny’s new presidential candidate,” is still facing headwinds from “allegations that he turned a blind eye” and “through sexual assault on his TV program.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama is reportedly the “leading” candidate for the new president of Johnny’s. However, there are some harsh opinions.

Johnny’s announced that it will hold a press conference in Tokyo on September 7 regarding the “sexual assault issue” of former president Johnny Kitagawa. It is expected to announce the resignation of President Keiko Fujishima and the new organization, including a new president, as well as how to deal with the victims from now on.

On August 1, sports and other newspapers reported that the candidates for the new president are Noriyuki Higashiyama of Johnny’s “Shonen-tai,” Shigeru Jojima of “TOKIO,” and Yoshihiko Inohara, the president of Johnny’s Island.

The “Special Recurrence Prevention Team of Outside Experts,” which held a press conference on August 29, decried that the entire company had covered up Janney’s sexual assault, and called for President Julie to resign.

The “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence” was honestly thought to be an “ornamental third-party committee” that was pro-Johnny’s. However, Makoto Hayashi, the chairperson of the team, was the former president of the “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence”. However, the chairperson, Mr. Makoto Hayashi, a former prosecutor general, is very strict and did not make any discovery with respect to Johnny’s. He clearly found sexual assault. He clearly found sexual assault and handed over the case to Mr. Julie.

This is a result beyond our imagination. On the other hand, Mr. Julie’s side was prepared to have the case judged by a third party. However, the crime of neglecting the unimaginable problem of sexual assault by Johnny’s is very serious. It is only natural that he should resign.

According to the results of a survey, Mr. Janney’s sexual assaults began in the 1950s and have been a regular practice for more than 40 years since the 1970s. The fact that a single individual’s crimes have been so tacitly approved and left unchecked is truly an extraordinary situation.

Of course, it is Johnny’s who is the most “evil,” but the Johnny’s office is equally culpable for letting it go unchecked. Therefore, we wonder how the public will feel about the new system in which the “talents” who grew up under Mr. Janney have become presidents. ……

Especially if Higashiyama-san becomes president, the public will not be satisfied at all. If Mr. Higashiyama, who has been with the group for over 40 years since its debut in 1979, were to say that he “didn’t know” about the sexual assault, he would be bashed as hard as Mr. Julie. The allegation that he “turned a blind eye” would follow him around. ……

Moreover, in the “Sunday Live! (TV Asahi), for which he serves as the main anchor, has frequently ignored the issue of sexual assault in important aspects. Higashiyama has a strong image of being on the side of the “old regime,” and it is doubtful whether the public and sponsors will be convinced.

As the recurrence prevention team revealed, the talents must have known that they would be given preferential treatment if they accepted sexual assault and cold treatment if they refused. It is no wonder that there are those who say that it is precisely because they took Mr. Janney’s side that they are where they are today, and that he has not protected his junior members at all.

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Higashiyama and Masahiko Kondo have turned a blind eye to the situation. They are just as guilty.

Some people are saying that they are just as guilty as Higashiyama and Kondo. What kind of lineup will the “new” team of Johnny’s really be?

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