Ai Eto’s “World Championships in Athletics” was not well-received, but she is said to be “safe within the station. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ai Eto’s “World Championships in Athletics” was not well-received, but she is said to be “safe within the station.

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Ai Eto, now the face of TBS female announcers

The “World Championships in Athletics” (TBS) closed on August 27, and to be honest, it could hardly be called an exciting event.

The most significant feature of this year’s event was that Yuji Oda and Miho Nakai, who had been the “faces” of the program for 25 years since 1997, when the broadcasting rights of “World Championships in Athletics” were transferred to TBS, were replaced by TBS announcers Ai Eto (37) and Daihiro Ishii (37), who have been the “faces” of the program for 13 events since Athens in 1997. The two women have been the “faces” of the program for the past 25 years. The same lineup will be used for the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China from September 23. However, a person in charge of production of sports programs of commercial broadcasters said, “Yuji Oda was standing next to Naoko Takahashi,

Miho Nakai, who stood next to Yuji Oda, is tall and, being a freelancer, suited her glamorous costume well. I never got tired of watching Oda’s passionate talk, the two’s strange mesh, and their accidents.

On the other hand In contrast, Eto wore the same blouse and pants as in the “Hiruobi” episode, which looked like an office worker’s blouse and pants. It suited her well, but she could have worn something a little more sporty. The talk between Eto and Naoko Takahashi was also safe, and frankly boring, like a chat between office workers.

Some at TBS were happy to see their own announcer finally being used, but the Internet was also filled with “Oda loss” and a longing for the Oda/Nakai duo.

Speaking of Ai Eto, she has worked as an assistant to Toshiaki Megumi on “Hiruobi” and appeared on “THE TIME,” an early morning program. She has also appeared on “CDTV Live! Live! Eto has also been the sole MC for “CDTV Live!

I think she is overworking herself a little too much. Give her a break.

Is Ai Eto the only one at TBS?”

From other stations, there were many opinions other than those on SNS, such as this one.

Ms. Eto is a highly rated announcer, but she is not outstanding in any other way, and her impression of TBS is rather subdued. She is rarely talked about as a female announcer. To be honest, I don’t understand why TBS values her so highly.

In fact, this is always a topic of conversation within each TV station when Eto announcers take on a new program. A TBS executive explained this question as follows.

In the past, TBS had a long period when Maya Kobayashi (now Maya Kunimitsu) was forced to do everything on her own, even more than Eto is doing now. She was in charge of everything from comedy shows to cooking shows, special programs, and special programs, and there is a famous story of Kobayashi crying to her colleague Yuriko Takahata, saying, ‘I’m going to die if I don’t do this.

She was well known since her student days for her looks and her character, and her popularity did not wane at all after she went freelance. Furthermore, there were no scandals at all, so she was immensely trusted. After her, no female announcer of that standing appeared. And then, at last, Eto was the one who appeared.

That said, the previous assistants on Sunday Japon (TBS), such as Hiroko Ogura, Kanae Takeuchi, Yuko Aoki, Minami Tanaka, Akiyo Yoshida, Rina Yamamoto, and now Yasumi Yoshihara, are all quite “flamboyant”. They are dressed in outfits that are not typical of female TV announcers for a Sunday morning show, and they have the dexterity to handle the tongue-in-cheek comments of “Bakusho Mondai” (the laughing problem).

However, they are also characterized by their frequent love gossip. Compared to these members, Eto is quite wholesome.

There is another major reason why they are valued so highly.

There is almost no possibility of her going freelance. For example, the ace of NTV is Mami Mizuto. Every time Mizuto is asked if she is going to become a freelancer at the time of the “spring and fall fights,” there are rumors that she will become a freelancer, but there is no such talk about Eto, who is just as highly valued at the station as Mizuto, No such talk has come up at all.

TBS wants to stabilize the station with Azumi and Eto as the two most important announcers.

Ai Eto is the “strongest” announcer for TBS, with no scandals and an above-average rating among viewers. I would like to think that the reason she has the title of “Expert Specialist Top Specialist” is not only because she doesn’t quit. ……

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