Yuya Tegoshi” snapped at staff on SNS… Why he was furious with “NEWS” fans when he talked about his thoughts on the live. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuya Tegoshi” snapped at staff on SNS… Why he was furious with “NEWS” fans when he talked about his thoughts on the live.

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Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi is known as a soccer connoisseur…

Former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi (35), who left Johnny’s on June 19, 2008, is currently working as a solo artist. On the night of August 9 this year, he posted on his X (formerly Twitter) account, “Seriously, this can’t be happening. After that, he explained the background behind his “butthurt,” but the criticism continued to pour in.

One of the reasons for Tekashi’s resignation from Johnny’s was his outing at the time when the new coronavirus was spreading. The May 13, 2008 issue of “Shukan Bunshun” (Bungeishunju) reported that he had been out drinking with women during the declared state of emergency (late April). Johnny’s announced on June 19 that it had terminated his exclusive contract with Tekashi.

After leaving the office, he set up his own company and became independent, posting videos on YouTube and making his solo debut in July 2009 with the release of his first digital single, “Cinnamon.

Tekashi is supported by his devoted fans and actively performs live concerts. The other day, he suddenly complained on his X-account about the beginning of his career, and people voiced their concern, “What happened to you, Tekkoshi-kun? and people were concerned. However, about three hours later, Tekashi confessed the situation on his X account. He said he had an “emergency meeting” with the company’s staff,

I usually don’t get angry at all on site. Even if I make a mistake or the arrangements are bad. But I do get angry when it concerns the performance on stage or in a show that fans look forward to seeing. What I got angry about this time was in regards to my performance on stage this month, so I couldn’t stand it!

I confided. Furthermore,

[Joon] There seems to be a lot of speculation going around, but it’s about my stage, so it has nothing to do with the people around me. I believe that social networking sites are for exchanging positive and positive information, so I am sorry for saying things that made you worry.

He apologized. He closed on a positive note, saying, “The symphonic live concert coming up in three days will definitely be the best live performance ever, so please look forward to it! He ended on a positive note, saying, “The Symphonic Live coming up in three days will definitely be the best show yet! The first post was just a “post” and the second one was just a “post”,

The first post seems to me to be nothing more than a “bothering” comment.

I wonder what they would think if they saw the post? If you’re not happy about it, you should keep it in mind.

Everyone makes mistakes. You don’t have to go to the trouble of posting it on a social networking site like …….

Some people were aghast at the idea of “anti-Dramaworld. Anti-Social media also came pouring in with their criticisms. In Tekashi’s case, he left Johnny’s because of his own actions, and some NEWS fans have not forgiven him.

The NEWS was scheduled to hold the “NEWS LIVE TOUR 2020 STORY,” the culmination of a four-part tour, starting with a Miyagi concert in March 2008. However, the tour was postponed due to the new Corona virus, and as a result, Tekashi left Johnny’s in June of the same year.

In a press conference held on the 23rd of the same month, he claimed that he had been thinking about leaving for a long time. The following year, the three members of NEWS formed a new group, the “NEWS” group, and the “NEWS” group, and the “NEWS” group was renamed the “NEWS” group.

The following year, NEWS held the “Story” concert with three members (Shigeaki Kato, Keiichiro Koyama, and Takahisa Masuda). A certain number of Johnny’s fans must have a certain amount of hatred for Tekashi, who left the office without completing the important tour.

He left before the “Story” tour was over, so who are you to say what people are thinking about when they are making a concert?

You left the group before the “Story” tour, so who are you to talk like that?

These were some of the harsh opinions that lined up on social networking sites. The profile text on Tegoshi’s X account reads, “Tee hee! I’m Yuya Tegoshi, a super positive person! Please take care of me. Perhaps he should refrain from making negative comments in order not to increase the number of anti-competitors.

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