The “bad tradition” of “Tsuki 9” is visible in the romantic drama “Cinderella in Midsummer,” which is making a comeback after a seven-year absence. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “bad tradition” of “Tsuki 9” is visible in the romantic drama “Cinderella in Midsummer,” which is making a comeback after a seven-year absence.

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Nana Mori smiles at her co-stars and staff even during filming. However, the numbers are tough to ……

The drama “Midsummer Cinderella” (Fuji TV) depicts a love story of eight men and women at the beach in the middle of summer. The theme song “Summertime Cinderella” sung by Midori-Yoshiki Shakai (Green and Yellow Society), and the drama is back this summer as a “Tsuki 9” romantic drama with a sparkling, royal roadmap.

This is the first “romance” drama to break the rotation of “medical, trial, and detective” dramas in the Gekkan 9 slot since “I Love You” starring Mirei Kiritani in the July ’16 season. Furthermore, the use of new screenwriter Sayaka Ichihigashi, who won the Fuji Television Young Scenario Award last year, is a clear sign of Fuji Television’s persistence in reviving the romance drama genre.

The first romance ensemble drama on Gekkan 9 was “Kimi no Hitomi wo Taiho suru! in 1988. Riding this wave, the “pure love trilogy” of “Suteki na Katamari,” “Tokyo Love Story,” and “101 Times a Proposal” became big hits.

A series of dramas with high ratings followed, including “Long Vacation” and “Love Generation” starring Takuya Kimura. Yuji Sakamoto won the first Fuji Television Young Scenario Award, and Shinji Nojima won the second. Furthermore, up-and-coming scriptwriters such as Eriko Kitagawa and Miho Nakazono have been writing romantic dramas in a string of dramas,” said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

The “Tsuki 9” romance dramas have shone brilliantly in the history of Japanese drama. Although the series has made a successful comeback, it has received a reputation for being “full of criticism.

For example, Takumi (Kamio Fūju), who does not even like her yet, kisses her childhood friend Natsumi (Nana Mori), and Sosuke (Tsuneji Mizukami) and Risa (Sawa Nimura) have a one-night stand. In addition, Natsumi’s mother Akane (Megumi Yokoyama), who has returned home for the first time in seven years, tries to take money out of the store’s cash register, and other developments that were too abrupt caused a rush of tsk tsk from netizens who felt uncomfortable.

However, it seems to have worked, as the drama has been one of the most viewed dramas on TVer’s “TVer Missing Streaming. It may be that “Cinderella in Midsummer” is now a drama that cannot be overlooked as a drama to make a “tskkomi” (a commentator from a wide-ranging TV show).

Tsuneji Mizukami is a unique character in the Tsuki 9 drama “Cinderella in Midsummer.

On the other hand, he showed his unique character in the kiss scene on the beach at night in episode 6 and in episode 7, he burst into tears because of his feelings for his mother.

I’ve decided to smile when I’m in pain.

When Natsumi says, “I’ve decided to smile in hard times,” Kento (Shoutaro Mamiya) tells her, “When you want to cry, you can cry.

She said, “If you want to cry, it’s okay to cry.

If you do this, no one will see you.”

Natsumi cries in Kento’s arms. Many commented on the lovely love scene and how it made them all die.

However, an unexpected turn of events awaited them in episode 8.

Natsumi’s rival appeared out of the blue. Satsuki Adachi (Minna Yamazaki), a classmate from Kento’s college seminar and a colleague at his company, returns from the US. How will the love triangle between Natsumi, Kento, and Takumi, which has been depicted so far, develop into a four-way relationship? I understand that they want to keep us on the edge of our seats for the final episode, but I was honestly disappointed with this too-cheap development.

The catharsis is created by unpredictable development to the point of discomfort. Is it premature to expect such a drama in the just-revived “Tsuki 9” romantic drama series?

With the exception of a few big names, drama scripts are created by the writer and producer playing catch-up with each other. Even though this drama is an original script, it cannot be written by a rookie scriptwriter out of the blue.

Producer Toshiyuki Nakano, who is in charge of this project, said, “I haven’t decided who is going to get together with whom yet, even after the broadcast of the fourth episode. He said, “It’s the joy of serial dramas that we can create scripts while keeping an eye on the atmosphere. Hearing this, I honestly felt a sense of discomfort.

In fact, Fuji Television during the heyday of trendy dramas often changed scenarios based on the ratings each time the ratings were released.

If a scene in which an actor played a nonleading role got good ratings, that actor’s scene would be expanded, and if it did not get good numbers, it would be cut. However, this not only makes it impossible to create a long-term foreshadowing drama, but also causes the storyline to fall into disarray.

In addition, the script had to be rewritten and filmed in a tight time frame, which caused chaos on the set. There were many staff members who left Fuji Television because they did not like this way of doing things.

Nana Mori, who plays Natsumi, was told at the production announcement press conference that the ending of the story had not been decided.

I was surprised that such a thing could happen.

I was surprised that such a thing could happen,” commented Nanana Mori, who plays Natsumi and plays the role of Natsumi, when she was informed that the ending of the story had not been decided.

He commented, “I was surprised to hear that. Nana Mori was chosen to play the lead role in this drama with high expectations. I hope that the revival of romantic dramas will not bring back the “bad tradition” of “Tsuki 9”. ……

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