Reiko Noboru Takachi and her “comrade” Reiko Takashima, who is reportedly back together with Noboru Takachi, and the scene of her arrest, which she “absolutely cannot forgive” and keeps in her heart. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reiko Noboru Takachi and her “comrade” Reiko Takashima, who is reportedly back together with Noboru Takachi, and the scene of her arrest, which she “absolutely cannot forgive” and keeps in her heart.

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Takashima and Kochi as newlyweds (May 21, ’99 issue)

Some sports papers have recently reported that Reiko Takashima (59) has been making a splash in variety shows, and she has certainly been seen more often in non-acting situations. In addition, her official Instagram page, which she started two years ago, does not contain any interesting posts, but it offers a glimpse into her casual daily life, such as enjoying holidays with work colleagues and visiting popular sweets stores, and the number of followers has been steadily increasing.

There are rumors that Takashima is getting back together with her ex-husband Noboru Takachi (58).

Takashima and her ex-husband, Toshio Kochi (58), are rumored to be back together. “They are indeed a ‘loving couple,'” says Takashima, “and they were so close that they described each other as ‘like comrades. Recently, Kochi’s activities have been going well, and there are rumors that they are getting back together.

Takashima was a late bloomer at the age of 25 when she made her acting debut after being “scouted” by Ken Matsudaira, who drew attention with a commercial for “Travaille,” an information magazine dealing with women’s job-hunting and career change information. In 1999, at the age of 34, she married Kochi.

Takashima, who became the fourth leading actress in the hit series “Gokudo no Tsumetachi” (Wives of the Gokudo), the 11th film of which was released that year, had already become a popular actress, so I was surprised to hear that she married Kochi, who was considered a lower-ranked actress. And since Mr. Kochi had a lot of bad press, many fans, including those in the industry, were disappointed.

Nevertheless, things were going well after the marriage, but in 2003, Kochi left her agency and retired from the entertainment industry. The reason was to care for Takashima’s father, who was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. However, in June of the following year, he was arrested for violating the Stimulants Control Law and the Cannabis Control Law (possession) and sentenced to two years in prison and a four-year suspended sentence. Naturally, public attention focused on whether the couple would divorce.

Takashima-san called Kochi-san a “comrade,” and it was clear that they were not only good friends, but also had a strong bond with each other. Therefore, it was widely believed that there would be no divorce, and according to what we have heard, Mr. Takashima has no intention of getting a divorce.

However, some people began to say, “It’s strange for a couple who get along so well not to notice,” “She must have known,” “She must be doing it, too,” etc., and it became impossible to avoid damaging their image if they stayed together. People around them recommended divorce, and at the same time, Mr. Kochi asked for a divorce.

Seven years have passed since then. Seven years later, Kochi resumed his entertainment activities. At the same time, he has become certified as an “ASK Addiction Prevention Education Advisor” and has been giving lectures at drug addiction awareness and prevention education events. His autobiographical novel “Doryu,” published this year, has also become a topic of conversation, and his activities are attracting attention.

She says, “I think it’s an outside assumption that if people see their ex-husbands, who they didn’t leave because they wanted to leave, rehabilitated and active, they will probably want to ‘get back into their shells. In addition, due in part to the influence of the movie, the public has created an image of Ms. Takashima as a “big sister. It seems that there is a considerable amount of self-serving assumption that he will forgive Mr. Kochi and give him a boost.

However, remember the situation when Mr. Kochi was arrested. He was with his mistress, a hostess, at a hotel. I heard that not only drugs, but also that Ms. Takashima felt strongly that her husband had betrayed her. She said that was more unforgivable. Also, Mr. Kochi’s arrest had a considerable impact on her work. We cannot dismiss the risk that getting back together with Mr. Takashima would damage our image. People around them will definitely oppose it.

Takashima, who has changed his character and taken on the challenge of entering a new field after turning 60, is not likely to take such a risk.

It seems that Takashima will not cause his fans, who were disappointed by his marriage, to be sad again.

Two People Two Weeks After Their Engagement Announcement Emerging from an Upscale Club in Ginza (’98 Nov. 27 Issue)
Two people two weeks after announcing their engagement coming out of a high-class club in Ginza (’98/11/27 issue)
The two of them wearing matching leather jackets in front of a Harley (October 25, 2002 issue)
The two sometimes visit a family restaurant together (Oct. 25, ’02 issue)
Images before Noboru Takachi’s arrest (from Noboru Takachi’s past LINE timeline)
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