Johnny’s” news anchor was the first one to be driven into a corner by the “extremely unnatural” and “harsh” recommendations of the Sexual Assault Investigation Team. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s” news anchor was the first one to be driven into a corner by the “extremely unnatural” and “harsh” recommendations of the Sexual Assault Investigation Team.

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Noriyuki Higashiyama (left) and Sho Sakurai of “Arashi” (right) appear on a news program as anchors. Janie Kitagawa’s stance on the sex-abuse issue is being questioned. ……

It was pretty harsh.

The “Special Team for the Prevention of Recurrence” of the Johnny’s Sexual Assault Issue held a press conference on August 29 to report its investigation. At the earlier UN Human Rights Committee press conference, the team’s investigation, which was conducted by outside experts set up by Johnny’s s office,

“transparency and legitimacy remain questionable.”

Many were concerned about the “lenient” results of the investigation.

However, when the investigation was opened, the team found, as did the UN Human Rights Commission, that there were “at least several hundred victims,” and that the number of victims was “at least several hundred. In addition to Janie Kitagawa’s abnormal sexual preferences, the report also harshly pointed out the “neglect and cover-up” by her sister, Vice President Mary Kitagawa.

He also pointed out the “neglect and cover-up” by his sister, Mary Kitagawa, the vice president. It was also surprising that the committee went so far as to press the current president, Keiko Fujishima Julie, to resign as president.

(Sports newspaper reporter) The recurrence prevention team also referred to the “silence of the mass media.

In particular, the team mentioned the fact that the major mass media, including TV and newspapers, did not report the fact that Johnny’s had effectively lost the lawsuit against Bunshun Weekly, which had reported the sexual assault by Johnny,

It seems that even the results of the lawsuit have not been reported properly, which is considered an extremely unnatural response for the mass media as a news organization,” he criticized harshly.

He criticized in a harsh tone, “The media, as a media organization, seems to have responded in an extremely unnatural manner.

Due to the “cozy relationship” between Johnny’s and the media, not only sex-related issues, but also scandals involving the company’s celebrities have been silently ignored. The fact that such an “abnormal relationship” was suggested by an organization set up by the agency, even though it is an outside expert, has caused quite a stir.

One TV station official said, “The first thing that will be called into question in the future will be the use of Japanese celebrities as news anchors.

A TV station official said as much.

“It’s one thing for a variety show or sports program, but for a news and information program, it will be very difficult to cast a news anchor. If they continue to use Johnny’s celebrities as the “face” of the program, as if nothing had happened, it will naturally cause a backlash from the viewers. ……” (a TV station official)

In May, when the issue of Janney’s sexual assault was growing, Sho Sakurai of “Arashi”, the anchor of “news zero” (NTV), disappeared from the screen and was replaced by Yumiko Arido, who gave her opinion. This caused a firestorm on the Internet, and Sakurai later explained his position.

In addition, Sakurai was the main anchor of “Sunday Live! (TV Asahi) main anchor Noriyuki Higashiyama, despite being the oldest in the office, completely ignored the UN conference on the issue of Johnny’s’s sexual assault held two days earlier on the August 6 broadcast.

This is exactly the kind of “discovery” that has been taking place just recently, as pointed out by the recurrence prevention team. We wonder if the news anchors of Johnny’s are qualified to continue to talk about the news in the future.

  • PHOTO. Ippei Hara (Higashiyama), Yusuke Kondo (Sakurai)

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