Yuriko Yoshitaka, Osamu Iguchi, Yuuri, Katsutoshi Sato…… celebrities “the moment they showed their true faces” to their loved ones. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Yoshitaka, Osamu Iguchi, Yuuri, Katsutoshi Sato…… celebrities “the moment they showed their true faces” to their loved ones.

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Yuriko Yoshitaka (35) [Actress] June 16 & 23
Long-distance relationship has nothing to do with it! Smooth sailing toward marriage!

In mid-May, Ms. A met up with friends after work at NHK. The drinking party was a lot of fun, and it was late at night when Yoshitaka left the restaurant. After the party broke up, he and Ms. A disappeared into the night.

Yuriko Yoshitaka (35) will play the leading role of Murasaki Shikibu in the NHK historical drama “Hikaru Kimi e” to be broadcast next year. Behind the scenes of her major role is her boyfriend, Mr. A, who resembles Matsuya Onoe, who supports the nationally famous actress.

They met through a friend and have been dating for a year. Mr. A works for a major foreign financial institution and earns about 50 million yen a year. Mr. A works for a major foreign financial institution and earns about 50 million yen a year. His family is the founder of a jewelry brand, so he has a high spec. He is an ideal partner in this respect as well.

Yoshitaka has introduced Mr. A to everyone around him. This magazine witnessed him having dinner with the office staff and drinking with his friends.

The magazine witnessed the couple having dinner with the office staff and drinking with friends. Yoshitaka is frequently on location in Kyoto, and Mr. A is also very busy. Even so, Ms. Yoshitaka seems to keep in touch with him, and I think they have already found a sense of distance that is unique to the two of them.

Will they reach the goal after the “Taiga” series?

Satoshi Iguchi (29) [King Gnu] March 3/10 issue
A handsome young DJ in Fukuoka and a date for sukiyaki ♡ FRIDAY directly hit him with a piece and declared their relationship!

It seemed to be the day Mr. A was leaving, and Iguchi was carrying her carry case for her. After the sukiyaki date, they were so in love that they linked arms even on a busy street when going back to Iguchi’s house!

Osamu Iguchi (29), keyboardist and vocalist of King Gnu, was beaming as he posed for the camera with his beloved girlfriend, and FRIDAY witnessed Iguchi’s sukiyaki date with the short-cut beauty, A-san, in February of this year.

It seems that she went to a high-class sukiyaki restaurant on a date with her boyfriend, whom she sees only a few days a month. I hear Iguchi wants to live with her.

Ms. A, who had been working as a DJ and model in Fukuoka, had saved her work and come to Tokyo in February, and it was thought that she would respond to Iguchi’s desire to “live together,” but …… found out that “Iguchi is too busy to move in with her.

However, she was not so busy that she could not see how she could move in. Iguchi has already introduced Mr. A to his brother, and it is possible that they will reach the goal without living together.

What will happen to the pure love of a successful band member?

Miyu Kuroda (24) [Nippon TV Announcer] June 2
The “post-Mizuto” announcer enjoyed a “brief date in the late afternoon.

The photo was taken when FRIDAY discovered their cafe date, and three days later, the two enjoyed lunch at a Korean restaurant in Yurakucho. They must be supporting the busy Kuroda Anna.

TV Asahi announcer Miyu Kuroda, 24, has been selected as the main MC for the TV Asahi information program “DayDay,” which started this April. FRIDAY witnessed a date between the “post-Mizuto” and her new colleague, director A, in the middle of Golden Week, one month after her appointment. The two took time out from their busy work schedule to enjoy an hour-long rendezvous at a cafe in Tokyo. The two share a commonality in that they are from the Kansai region and love comedy, and they are said to be so close that they introduce each other to their friends. Nippon TV’s next ace is doing well in both her professional and personal life.

Yuuri (29)[singer-songwriter] Feb. 17
Resurgence of semi-living together with former idol has caused a firestorm.

Takagi out to dinner with Yuuri (right) from his love nest.’ 21, was forced to leave the idol group Juice=Juice when her relationship with him was discovered, and is now a singer under the name Sayubee!

When Yuri (29) and Sayuki Takagi (26) looked up at the winter sky, Betelgeuse was twinkling in the sky as if symbolizing their never-ending relationship. Yuri’s fans went into a tizzy.

He had publicly stated that he didn’t have a girlfriend. The fact that a scene of her smoking on the street was published also sparked the anger of some fans. But she is a charismatic singer of love songs. Sales and national tours are going well.

The fact that the title of the new song was “The Day I Stopped Being Your Lover” was a success!

Katsutoshi Sato (26)[Sexy Zone] February 10
Wearing a hat with his eyes deep in his …… subculture band’s diva and the covert love he nurtures.

Sato returns home after recording “VS Soul” (Fuji TV). A month before this, PORIN visited Sato’s house even when Sato was away for “Sexo’s” Tokyo Dome live, as if he had a duplicate key.

We caught “Sexy Zone’s” Katsutoshi Sato (26), who has been scandal-free since his debut, in a passionate love affair. PORIN (32), the vocalist of “Awesome City Club” who made his breakthrough with the inspirational song of the movie “I fell in love like a bouquet of flowers”, went to Sato’s house and answered FRIDAY’s direct questions, which made “Sexy Zone” fans scream.

The two did not meet outside and were fully protected by hats and masks. However, it seems that PORIN told his friends around him about his relationship with SATO.

The two professed that they have no desire to marry each other, but they are still in a relationship.

After the report, PORIN seems to have been scolded a lot by the members. Since “ACC” provides songs to Johnny’s, she had been told by the members not to date Johnny’s or have an affair with him.

One year has passed since the start of their relationship. Despite a flood of criticism from fans, their secretive love seems to be alive and well.

Yuma Nakayama (29) [Singer, TV Personality] Jan. 6, 13
Izakaya and karaoke date with girlfriend of 9 years

Nakayama and his older girlfriend walk down the streets of Gotanda around 9 pm. The restaurant they were looking for seemed to be closed, so they went through the bar area. They entered a chain karaoke bar and enjoyed karaoke for 3.5 hours!

It was Nakayama Yuma (29) who was enjoying an izakaya date with a girlfriend five years older than him in a downtown area in the middle of winter. Nakayama met her when he was 19 years old, and they have been dating for nine years.

They met through an acquaintance, and they often go on dates at karaoke bars, izakaya (Japanese style pubs), and other common places. Nakayama later confessed his past relationship with her on his radio show, denying any current relationship.

Nakayama was silent throughout the interview with FRIDAY, but he says he still keeps in touch with her.

Nakayama, who remained silent throughout FRIDAY’s direct questioning, says that he is still in contact with her. It seems that they are pretending to everyone around them that they have broken up. I heard that they lived together for a while” (Nakayama’s acquaintance).

The veteran Johnny, who has been in the industry for 18 years and was a rising star when Mr. Kitagawa was still alive, is now quietly nurturing his love.

From the September 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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