Yuki Goto, “Gomaki’s Brother,” Embodies the Reality that “Notoriety is Better than No-Name” by Winning a City Council Election Despite a “Criminal Record | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuki Goto, “Gomaki’s Brother,” Embodies the Reality that “Notoriety is Better than No-Name” by Winning a City Council Election Despite a “Criminal Record

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Yuki Goto giving a press conference after winning the election, a comfortable victory that saw her tie for second place. ……

Yuki Goto, the younger brother of former Morning Musume。 Yuki Goto, the younger brother of former Morning Musume member Maki Goto, won his first election as an independent candidate for the Yachimata City Council in Chiba Prefecture. Many people must have been surprised by his comfortable victory, coming in second out of 24 candidates.

Goto reported his joy on the social networking service “X” (formerly known as Twitter) with a dharma doll in his hand and a two-shot of his wife.

《”There have been many things in the past, but we came in a tie for second place, and so many people supported us. ‼️ With determination and responsibility, I will definitely change Yachimachi City.

He wrote self-deprecatingly, “I’ve been through a lot in the past,” but he proved firsthand that it is possible to start one’s life anew.

Although he has since undergone surgery to remove his tattoos, Goto was still a notorious villain.

In the sixth grade, before his debut, he stole a moped with a junior high school senior and drove it without a license. After his debut, he assaulted his manager and was suspended from work.

Also, when he was 15 years old, a weekly magazine reported that he had been drinking at a cabaret club. When the police came to his rescue and he was banned from the entertainment industry, he was involved in more misdeeds than can be described by the word “yanchaku.

After becoming a civilian, he engaged in acts of blackmail at a local arcade and other places. In July 2007 (he was 21 years old at the time), he and two friends broke into a construction site, stole copper wire, and resold it.

He was arrested for robbery and assault after beating a security guard and robbing him of the copper wire. He was sentenced to five years and six months in prison.

They say, “Notoriety is better than obscurity,” and this election is a perfect example of that. He has a handsome face, and once voters met him on the streets, he must have won their hearts.

He may have served time for a robbery and assault, but that is in the past. Since he was elected to the city council, it means that the voters were very forgiving.

When Goto announced his candidacy for the city council election in July of this year, he wrote on Instagram

I want to change Yachimachi City into a better city with my youth, energy, and ability to do things. There are definitely things that only I can do, and I want people to know about my activities by making the city government visible.

He wrote with enthusiasm, “I am sure that there are things that only I can do.

After his election, he took to social networking sites to express his enthusiasm.

I hope you will do your best as a politician with the determination you deserve.

I hope you will do your best as a politician with the appropriate determination,” said many congratulatory voices on social networking sites, but there were also some who said

“Just one more celebrity member of the Diet who says, ‘I’m going to study from now on.
But there were also those who made fun of him, saying things like, “I’m sure he’s going to get a copper wire.

However, there are also those who ridicule her, such as “Just one more celebrity councilor who will study from now on,” and “A copper wire is a sure thing.

It is to be expected that there will be criticism about the past. The only thing that will stop them is how much Goto will work for the citizens of Japan as a politician.

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