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Former V6 member, Yoshihiko Inohara, is a TV personality and president of a company!

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Yoshihiko Inohara, the new president of Johnny’s Island, succeeds Hideaki Takizawa

20th Century’s Yoshihiko Inohara, 47, is the president of Johnny’s Island, a company that mainly produces Johnny’s Jr. while also being active as a TV personality. Although he and his group are doing extremely well, he seems to be extremely busy as president as well, regularly reporting on his interactions with junior members on 20th Century’s official Twitter page and on his blog on Johnny’s web, a members-only website.

In the April season of this year, the drama series “Special Investigation 9 season 6” (TV Asahi), in which he stars, is airing, and in June, 20th Century, the unit he works with former V6 members Masayuki Sakamoto and Hiroshi Nagano, released the album “20th Century FOR THE PEOPLE. Inohara is also one of the successful talents within Johnny’s, as he narrates “Sumikko Gurashi: Tsugihagi Factory no Fushigi na Ko” (Sumikko Gurashi: The Movie), which opens in theaters on November 3.

He succeeded Hideaki Takizawa, who left Johnny’s last fall to become the new president of Johnny’s Island, an affiliate of Johnny’s Office. The company will nurture and produce Johnny’s Jr. and young talents, and Inohara is now in a position to assume a critical position while continuing to work as a celebrity. After Takizawa tendered his resignation, he was approached by Johnny’s president Keiko Fujishima Julie about taking his place.

Without warning, he was suddenly given the major responsibility of taking care of the Jr. However, Inohara is personable and has excellent communication skills. On April 25 of this year, he published a photo of himself doing leg spread stretches on 20th Century’s X (formerly Twitter). At that time, it was Kaito Miyachika of Travis Japan who was holding Inohara’s legs. He explained the situation at the time of the photo shoot: “I joined Travis Japan’s Miyachika and Junior’s Lesson. He had also traveled to Miyagi Prefecture in June to see a solo concert by HiHi Jets, a unit within Johnny’s Jr.” (sports newspaper reporter).

In addition, Inohara also observed King & Prince’s fan meeting “King & Prince to Uchiwase” held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo on July 2. The next day, on his blog “Inonaki” on Johnny’s web, Inohara revealed that he attended the noon meeting and wrote, “It was a really fun meeting.

On the same 4th blog, he reported that he had gone out to dinner with individual talents known as the “stage group” and “actor’s club,” and uploaded a photo of the meeting to 20th Century’s Twitter page. These are members who used to be in the Jr. unit but went solo after the unit broke up, etc., or went on to become actors without being part of the group. They must be concerned not only about the Jr. members who have a lot of media exposure, but also about the stage group members. On the 5th, Inohara wrote in his blog that he went to the Sunshine Theater in Ikebukuro to see Kazutaka Hayashi, another member of the stage group, play the lead role in his first play, “Arcana Shadow. Inohara’s kind nature was evident when he praised Kazutaka Hayashi, saying, “I went to see the play because I was worried about him, but I didn’t need to worry about him.

After assuming the position of president, Inohara gave an interview to “Daily Shincho. In the article distributed on January 1 this year, he wrote, “I have known Takizawa for about 26 to 7 years, and I asked him, ‘I’m going to take over for you. But to be honest, it’s true that I didn’t really take over the job.

It is not difficult to imagine the difficulties he had to go through as he had to start from scratch. However, through his blog and other means, we learned that Inohara was actively communicating with his juniors, and Johnny’s fans commented, “Inochi was the one who should have been the president,” “He went to see the fanmeetings of Kimpuri and held dinner parties with the talent from the Actors’ Club. I am glad that Inochi is looking after not only the Jr. members but Johnny’s as a whole.

We hope that Inochi will take good care of himself and do his best for his fans and those who support his juniors.

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