Hiromitsu Ochiai heavily criticizes the Tatsunami Dragons for “banning white rice! Appealing to the “Ore Style,” Ochiai plans to return as manager. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Hiromitsu Ochiai heavily criticizes the Tatsunami Dragons for “banning white rice! Appealing to the “Ore Style,” Ochiai plans to return as manager.

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Chunichi is in such dire straits that it is finally in sight of a debt of 30. In the midst of such an emergency situation, manager Kazuyoshi Tachinami (54) reportedly issued a “white rice ban” forbidding first-unit players from eating rice, causing a “Reiwa rice riot” to be talked about.

Former Chunichi manager Hiromitsu Ochiai, 69, had harsh words to say about his old club’s disastrous situation, appearing in an exclusive interview on Sunday Dragons (CBC TV), a Nagoya-based program supporting Chunichi, which was broadcast on August 13 and 20. He was a major critic of the program.

Ochiai will turn 70 next year, but his “Ochiai Bushi” is still alive and well.

He has always said, ” There is no player who can be the core of the team.Even Yohei Oshima (37), who hit 2,000 hits, cannot be the core of the Tatsunami Dragons,” Ochiai said.

In the “Sandra” article, he said, ” We can’t win the game as it is now. They make unthinkable errors. How much practice do they have to do to solve the problems? The only way is to let him practice. I don’t know what will happen in the end if Tachinami plays baseball the way he wants to playit, ” he said directly.

Mr. Ochiai also mentioned the use of players. Tatsunami has given priority to using young players on many occasions, but he said, ” If you look at the players, there are some who are not yet at the level to play in games. I think the team policy is not clear.

In response to Tatsunami’s comment after the loss about the lack of offensive power, he suggested reforms in his own way, saying, ” If you can’t score a single run, all you have to do is create pitchers who can’t score a single run.

The words of the super-general manager, who led the team to four league championships in the eight years since 2004 and to its first Japan championship in 53 years, are very weighty, but a baseball team official said, “The timing of his appearance is strange.

CBC TV belongs to the Chunichi Shimbun Group, the parent company of the baseball team, and basically takes the stance of supporting the team, so this casting would not have been possible under normal circumstances. However, CBC TV is a member of the Chunichi Newspaper Group, the parent company of Chunichi, and basically takes the stance of supporting the team.

The team source said that Ochiai also had an advantage.

Around last month, information began to circulate in baseball circles that Ochiai was on the short list of candidates for new manager of a number of teams. For a while there were some who were concerned about his poor health, but it seems that he wants to take the field again. If he can make his views and presence known to the public through his appearances, it will help support his request for the directorship.

The person who helped him with the CBC was a woman who has a strong connection with Ochiai.

She is in her 40s and has long held the hearts of the Chunichi Nine as CBC’s sports director. I hear that Mr. A has the utmost trust of Mr. Ochiai and that he was the one who worked hard to make this appearance possible.

It is a common understanding in baseball circles that if Mr. Ochiai is brought in as a new manager, “he will have to prepare for an entrenched leadership team and a hefty annual salary. If Mr. Ochiai were to lead any baseball team after next season, it would be–.

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