Why “Bishonen” is said to be doomed to a debut because of a “lenient punishment” rather than the “cream puff throwing” scandal. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Why “Bishonen” is said to be doomed to a debut because of a “lenient punishment” rather than the “cream puff throwing” scandal.

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No Blame” was even trending on X (formerly Twitter) for a while

I am truly sorry to the people who make the food, to the people at the theater who let us use their dressing rooms, and to those who were offended by the video.

I believe that my immature, naive, and thoughtless behavior has caused this.

On the 18th, “Bishonen,” a popular Johnny’s Jr. group that is expected to make its next debut, issued an apology through its office for the successive scandals that have been revealed: on the 12th, an influencer’s female SNS account posted bed images and audio of Issei Kanazashi (19), and on the 15th, Yuto Nasu (21) posted bed images and audio of Issei Kanazashi (22). On the other hand, a video of Yuto Nasu (21) throwing cream puffs against a wall in the backstage of a theater was spread by Ryuga Sato (20), who appeared to have filmed the incident. Apologies were made not only by the three members in question, but also by all of them, including Naoki Fujii (22), Daisho Iwasaki (21), and Tobiki Ukisho (21).

If it had been just the bed image of Kananashi, the office would still have gone through with it. However, the cream puff video was out, as was the fact that they made poor use of food and defiled the backstage area of the theater. The office also acknowledged the facts of the video and images and apologized, but announced that “Bishonen” would continue its activities as they were In 13 years, the Jr. In the “Cola Incident” in 2001, in which a video was leaked showing members of the Jr. group, again, misbehaving in the dressing room, it is said that all members who were there were expelled from the group. Even if it is too severe to go that far, this case has been criticized as being too lenient.

Bishonen” was scheduled to perform at Tokyo Dome on the 19th and 20th with 200 members from the East and West Jr. groups, and on the 26th and 27th they were to be the main personalities of Chukyo Television’s 24-hour TV program. It is believed that this was also the reason why they could not suspend their activities. However, there are those who say that this may not be the only reason.

The “Bishonen” group was suspended for two and a half months in 2008 after “Bunshun Online” scooped that Sato had been going to the apartment of actress/model Noa Tsurushima. Recently, the group has also been frequently under fire for making comments on the bottom line and complaining bitterly about criticism of their fan service.

Other groups that are considered to be strong debuting groups, such as the “Ae! group” and “HiHi Jets,” which are considered to be other promising debut groups. Even so, they are exposed in dramas and variety shows as much as the debutant groups, and it is said that this is because they are the favorites of President Keiko Fujishima Julie. In particular, Nasu, who caused a commotion this time, is a “speoki” (a women’s magazine writer).

However, the “no blame” punishment this time has instead led to further criticism of the Johnny’s office, which has yet to hold an official press conference on the sexual assault issue. As a result, some people are saying that the debut of “Bishonen,” which was said to be a little too close to call this year, is doomed because of the sexual misconduct issue.

If the sexual assault issue becomes a matter of President Julie’s career or resignation, and if the organization is drastically changed, there is a possibility that not only the debut of Bishonen, but even the group itself will be dismantled,” said a former member of the group.

The cost of neglecting food has become a big one….

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