A cucumber is the only side dish for the players, and the director drives nearly 10 passenger cars… The director of a prestigious volleyball club is confronted with allegations! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A cucumber is the only side dish for the players, and the director drives nearly 10 passenger cars… The director of a prestigious volleyball club is confronted with allegations!

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Investigation report obtained by this publication

Nishinippon Junior College High School, a prestigious high school volleyball team. The director I, who led the school to the Spring High School Volleyball Tournament four times, has been under suspicion for unaccounted money and other irregularities. Continuing from Part I, “‘You have a developmental disability’: ‘Spectacular harassment and unaccounted for money’ smolder over ‘famous coach’ who participated in the Spring High School Volleyball Tournament four times,” we will reveal the many allegations made against Coach I.

There is another reason why parents began to suspect Director I over the whereabouts of the unaccounted-for money. A source at Nishitan High School revealed, “In the past, Supervisor I has been involved in a number of social gatherings.

In the past, Director I has repeatedly had a sporting goods store in Yame City, with which he has a close relationship, produce fictitious receipts, and has charged the school for lodging for the volleyball team’s expeditions. As for the expedition expenses, the parents’ association and the school would pay for them, so it was impossible for Director I to pay for them on his own. Furthermore, the school was aware of these financial problems about five years ago, and asked a lawyer to investigate the matter. As a result, we found that the fraudulent claims by Director I amounted to several million yen.

However, instead of paying Director I’s retirement allowance, which was just at the time of his retirement, the school decided not to consider the past fraudulent claims as a problem. On top of that, Director I was to remain at the school after his retirement and coach the women’s volleyball team. I suspect that the school also tried to hide the scandal of a famous leader’s financial problems.”

According to a member of the parents’ association, about five years ago, when Director I’s financial problems came to light, the school reported the results of its investigation orally to some members of the parents’ association. When we interviewed Mr. H, who was the parent association president at that time and is currently the OG president of the club, who is said to have received an explanation from the school, he replied, “I have never heard of any improper claim for expenses by Director I. I have never received any explanation from the school either. I have never heard of any fraudulent expense claims by Director I. I have never received any explanation from the school either,” he replied.

On the other hand, an official of the sporting goods store that allegedly issued fictitious receipts to Director I told us the following.

The person in charge of sales to Nishi Junior High School left the company for his own reasons about two years ago. Currently, we do not do business with West Junior High School. We don’t even know if the person in charge at that time was asked by the school about the situation regarding the fictitious receipts.”

Other testimonies concerning Director I and money include the following.

Many parents, students, and others have witnessed that Director I drove these cars to school, switching between them on a daily basis.

According to the combined accounts of several officials of the volleyball club, the passenger cars believed to have been owned by Director I were all Toyota one-box cars: a black “Noah”, a silver “Noah”, a black “Hiace”, and a black “Boxy”. There were also Honda’s “Vamos,” a light one-box, and Daihatsu’s “Move,” a light passenger car, as well as light trucks and microbuses. However, after Director I’s retirement, all of these passenger cars could no longer be seen in the vacant lot where they were parked.

It seems that Director I, who was a health and physical education teacher at the school until his retirement, was able to own so many passenger cars at one time because he had an income other than his salary.

During the aforementioned visit by the parents to Director I’s home, there was an exchange of questions about this situation. When the parents asked him, “Are you paying your income taxes?

I don’t deserve to be told such a personal matter by you people.

Contents of the Investigation Report

How does Director I respond to these allegations On August 20, I rang Director I’s cell phone.

–It is FRIDAY.


— “Regarding dormitory expenses for the women’s volleyball team, we have reported to the parents that there was about 18,260,000 yen in unaccounted-for money with no receipts. I would like to hear an explanation of the specific expenditures of this money.

No, this was for living expenses, including three meals a day and all utilities. The tax accountant said there would be no problem, so I have submitted the application.

It’s not that I don’t feed my children. There are receipts that I didn’t keep (or didn’t save), and receipts for missing items. For example, rice is bought directly from farmers, so there are some missing receipts.

–I understand that a tax accountant is preparing the investigation report, but if there are no receipts, and the part that cannot be corroborated was inferred from interviews with the I supervisor, isn’t objectivity not ensured?

If it is a large amount of money, I don’t know if there are many problems. After all, we let them live on 1,300 yen a day. So, for the time being, there is no problem at all.

–In the 29 months that the guardians paid the dormitory fees, the amount of unreceipted expenses accumulated to about 18 million yen. Isn’t this a lot of money?

So, if they are embezzling all of that money, I think it would be a problem. I have already told the students that they would have to pay this amount of money for living in the dormitories before they started school, and I have already told their parents that there is no problem.

–So, Director I has never used the dormitory fees for his own personal use?

Of course I have.

–I heard that you own about 10 passenger cars in a vacant lot near your house. How did you purchase these cars?

No, no, I don’t have ten cars. There are about three vehicles at most in the valet club, a light truck that I used, a passenger car, and my wife’s car, so maybe six or seven.

–Is the purchase of the passenger cars funded by your salary as a teacher?

Yes, of course, and I also received considerable support from my parents.

–I also heard that about five years ago, you had a problem with the school for improperly claiming expenses.

There is no problem at all. (The audit (by the school) has been completed, and everything has been finished. If something had happened, it would have been pointed out each time.

–I heard that the school had decided to let the matter go unanswered by offsetting the expenses paid for the fraudulent claims against the severance payment that was to be paid to Director I. “No, no, that’s not true.

No, that is not true.

–Did Director I receive his severance payment?

Yes, he did.

–The full amount?


We wrote to Nishitan High School asking for confirmation of the facts that a portion of the money collected as dormitory fees had gone unaccounted for and that, as a result of interviews with Director I and others, Director I had allegedly claimed expenses fraudulently in the past, but the response was , “We will not answer the questionnaire we received.

One of the guardians reflected on Director I’s past actions and words.

Looking back, there were many suspicious aspects of the club activities and dormitory management by Supervisor I. Parents were not allowed to go near the dormitory. Parents were not allowed to approach the dormitory, and there was no way for parents to contact their children, who were prohibited from possessing cell phones. In addition, parents were not allowed to watch regular practices, field trips, or even official games without the permission of the I supervisor. While keeping parents away from their children in this way, the dormitory only accepted cash payments.

Above all, the biggest victims were the students of the girls’ volleyball team.

The biggest victims were the girls on the volleyball team. “With a daily food allowance of 10,000 yen for 29 students, there was no way to provide enough food for the growing children. As I found out later, there were times when the dormitory did not have enough food, and breakfast was sometimes served with only a cucumber, a piece of fried bean curd, or an egg. On the other hand, as for white rice, there was plenty of it, as it seemed to have been purchased separately from the OG’s farmer for the dormitory. Hungry after practice, the girls were able to eat a lot of white rice, which caused them to gain body fat even though they were athletes. How can they win games with such unbalanced nutrition?

In late September of last year, Director I and the other coaches resigned, and four of the five third-year students who had asked to leave the club withdrew their intentions.

Director I (right) at the emergency parents’ meeting.

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