Anti-Seikyo organization “Mita-kai” is growing in number due to the strength of the “Mita-kai” shown in the “Koshien Championship” by the Keio “Grand Cheering Squad”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Anti-Seikyo organization “Mita-kai” is growing in number due to the strength of the “Mita-kai” shown in the “Koshien Championship” by the Keio “Grand Cheering Squad”.

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Keio’s captain Haosumi Omura (left) and Minato Maruta smile during their interview for the Summer Koshien championship. Keio’s support was impressive as they overwhelmed their opponents.

Keio (Kanagawa) beat last year’s champion Sendai Ikuei (Miyagi) 8-2 in the 105th National High School Baseball Championship Tournament to win the top prize in Japan for the second time in 107 years.

The big story was Keio’s large cheering section. The third base side Alps was packed with current and former Keio students and alumni, who sang Keio’s cheering song “Young Blood” enthusiastically. The cheering was so loud that the Sendai Ikuei players could not get through, and it was even commented on social networking sites

The cheering was so loud that the players couldn’t get through, and it was even commented on social networking sites.
It would be more fun if it was as loud as this.
A little vulgar.
Please mind your manners!

The loudness of the crowd was controversial, with many people voicing their approval or disapproval.

The Keio supporters were outnumbering the opponents 7:3 to 8:2. Why was there such a “difference” between the two teams?

Takeshi Akuzawa, principal of Keio Senior High School, visited the stadium.

The coach and the players have been saying publicly that they would become the best in Japan, and now those words have taken shape, so I am deeply moved,” he said.

I am deeply moved by this achievement.

I think that because of their strong school spirit, they naturally gathered here to cheer for the team. The Alps is like a ‘big reunion. I felt that the power and the gathering of people were the best in Japan.

I felt the power and the gathering of people were the best in Japan,” he said.

A reunion.

Behind the word “alumni association” lies the existence of Japan’s largest alumni organization, the Keio Mita-kai. All graduates of Keio University are automatically members of the Mita-kai.

There are three main types of Mita-kai: the Academic Year Mita-kai, which consists of all graduates for each academic year; the Employer Mita-kai, which is organized by company; and the Regional Mita-kai, which is organized by region, such as local governments. In addition, there are more than 70 organizations overseas. The total number of Mita-kai members reaches a staggering 290,000.

A man in his 30s who is a member of Keio Mita-kai said

If you look at the number of students, it’s Nihon University, but if you look at alumni associations, Mita-kai is by far the largest. Not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the strong ties that bind us together, and we benefit in many ways in the industries in which we work,” he said.

For example, the “Mita-kai for Certified Public Accountants” is a great alumni association.

For example, the Mita-kai is ranked number one in the rankings of universities that have passed the CPA examination. The Keio United Mita-kai Convention, a “festival event” held once a year, includes a raffle with gorgeous prizes and live performances by prominent alumni and alumnae, attracting over 20,000 people to the Keio campus.

The twin peaks of the academic cliques are, after all, Waseda University. Many of the Mita-kai alumni say, ‘I don’t want to lose to Waseda,’ even after they enter the workforce.

It is impossible for such a powerful alumni organization not to be fired up when they hear that their alma mater has reached the Koshien finals for the first time in 107 years. According to another member of the Mita-kai

They are already in a frenzy, aren’t they? On the Mita-kai group LINE, there were calls for ‘Let’s all go to Koshien together. It’s the first time in 107 years. I can understand why they put it ahead of work.

I can understand why they put work first,” he said.

The large cheering section at Koshien was a direct reflection of the Mita-kai’s organizational strength. And since they even won the championship, it must have been a very satisfying day for them.

On the other hand, although the actual players are not to blame, the fact that a huge organization is standing behind them has caused the anti-Sendai Ikuei players to proliferate at a rapid rate. Many people believe that Sendai Ikuei, which had been so strong, lost a large number of points in the early stages of the game because they were “swallowed up.

After the game, Sendai Ikuei’s coach, Wataru Sue, said, “We weren’t drunk on the cheering,” but there is no doubt that the atmosphere in the stadium was bizarre. Frankly, I felt sorry for the Sendai Ikuei players.

(Sports newspaper reporter) “Even on the Internet

The difference in brand power.
I can’t go to Keio anymore.
I was disgusted by their cheering.

I can’t take Keio anymore,” and “I was turned off by that cheering.

The end of the tournament reminded us once again how important cheering is in sports.

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