A 100-meter waterfall, the world’s most dangerous precipice…Blow away the intense heat! Spectacular Spine-Chilling Views of the World | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A 100-meter waterfall, the world’s most dangerous precipice…Blow away the intense heat! Spectacular Spine-Chilling Views of the World

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Just looking at them will surely make you feel chilly. Even after the Obon holidays are over, Japan’s too-hot summer It is not over yet. There is a great panorama in the world the temperature of your body will go down!

Troll’s Tongue, Norway

The most thrilling of all the glacier-carved landscapes is “Troll’s Tongue. Trolls are fairies that appear in Norse legends. The name “Troll’s Tongue” comes from the fact that the rock protruding horizontally from the cliff looks like a troll’s tongue sticking out. Tourists from all over the world line up for a commemorative photo, despite the 10-hour round-trip trek.

The most dangerous rock formation in the world at a height of 700 meters

Aiguille du Midi Lookout (France)

At 3842 meters above sea level, at the summit of the Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc mountain range, there is a famous sightseeing spot with a glass floor and ceiling. It is an observation deck named “Step into the Void” where you can see the famous peaks of the Alps, including Mont Blanc. The height from the valley floor is more than 1,000 meters. It takes only 20 minutes from the town of Chamonix, which is crowded with tourists, via a ropeway.

A walk in the air that will make you tremble at the amazing height

Victoria Falls (Zambia, Zimbabwe)

Victoria Falls is about 1,700 m wide and has a drop of about 100 m. The thunderous sound of water rumbles through the air, and a plume of smoke rises from the falls. Look at the person standing at the mouth of the waterfall (upper right in the photo) where the water falls. This is a natural pool called “Devil’s Pool. You can go there only from September to December when the water volume is low. Since the fall would be so severe that it would be impossible for anyone to get out of the water, guides accompanying tourists sometimes grab their feet at the mouth of the waterfall to prevent them from being swept away.

One of the world’s three largest waterfalls with a drop of over 100 meters

Ice Cave on the Vatnajoktor Glacier, Iceland

Hiking in the ice caves on the Vatnajoktor Glacier, the largest glacier in Iceland, is becoming increasingly popular. The 400-meter-thick glacier ice is compressed by the weight of the ice and contains no air bubbles, making it as clear and beautiful as crystal. When the temperature rises from spring to summer, caves are formed inside the glacier, and visitors can walk through them from November to March.

Glistening blue glacier tunnel

Cliffs of Shiyuzhai National Geological Park (China)

Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in Yueyang City, Hunan Province, is a scenic spot with varied landscapes including strange peaks and rocks, caves and waterfalls. Rock climbing up the vertical cliffs, which rise more than a hundred meters, is a very popular attraction, and even though helmets and harnesses were installed about five years ago for safety reasons, looking down below sends chills down one’s spine.

A thrilling attraction.

From the September 1, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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