The “divine response” shown to fans while shopping! Why are “BORUJUKU” Anri and Tanabe Chika so useful on TV? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “divine response” shown to fans while shopping! Why are “BORUJUKU” Anri and Tanabe Chika so useful on TV?

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Could those people be ……?”

The curious gazes of people passing by were drawn to the sight of two large women walking side by side. It was a sight to behold: Anri (28) and Chika Tanabe (39) of the comedy quartet “Boru Juku,” who are now sought after on variety shows, were standing proudly in the station building (Shinjuku Ward).

Anri was wearing a striped shirt dress and Tanabe a long brown skirt. Their presence stood out among the people passing by.

On an evening in mid-July, the two appeared at a select store after their daytime performance at “Lumine the Yoshimoto”. Apparently, they were there to do a little shopping before the evening performance. Tanabe was looking for a limited-edition product that was being sold in collaboration with the “Barbie” movie, so she picked up the product and proceeded to the cash register to purchase it. She left the store with a satisfied look on her face.

As soon as they left the store, a female fan noticed Anri and Tanabe and approached them excitedly, clasped her palms together in front of her chest, and called out to them, seemingly unable to contain her excitement. With the time for the evening performance approaching, it was impressive to see the two respond with smiles on their faces without a hint of disgust.

A woman who said she was a fan of “Boru Juku” approached them and smiled. The woman clasped her hands together in front of her chest, looking excited.

Anri has a reputation for being able to talk well and return teasing with quick quips like Haruna Kondo (40) of “Harisenbon” fame. Tanabe is a professional in the field of “food,” as she professes, “I love to eat. Since there are many programs dealing with food in the prime time slot, it is easy for producers to use them.

Both of them have perfect talk skills, and their tongue-in-cheek remarks and funny retorts, which are not common among female comedians these days, are particularly popular among female fans.

They are also highly rated on TV. His popularity is likely to increase even more with his divine response in his private life as well.

After the daytime performance of “Lumine the Yoshimoto,” the audience enjoyed shopping for about 20 minutes before the nighttime performance.
A female fan glanced back at them as if she was caught in the back of their hair by their “divine response. The two will perform at the night show of “Lumine the Yoshimoto” after this.
  • Photo Takahiro Kagawa

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