Suicidal women and their relatives pay large sums of money… Sex workers in their 20s “cannot expect a high income from their main job” – The horrifying reality of their black market part-time jobs! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Suicidal women and their relatives pay large sums of money… Sex workers in their 20s “cannot expect a high income from their main job” – The horrifying reality of their black market part-time jobs!

Nonfiction writer Kota Ishii delves into the depths of Japanese society!

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In many cases, women who have lost their way become targets of black-market crime (photo is an image, some parts have been doctored).

There have been a number of incidents in which suicidal people have been lured into committing crimes via social networking services.

In July of this year, Tamaki Akai (25), who works at a sex store in Tokyo, was arrested on suspicion of coma robbery and theft.

Akai was apparently originally a very ordinary woman who worked for a general company. At the time of the incident, she was living in a luxury apartment in Shinjuku Ward.

However, according to some reports, she had been holding night jobs since she was a company employee. She had also been arrested for dabbling in illegal drugs. Her odd behavior was becoming more and more noticeable in the eyes of those around her, they said. As she did so, she must have been dragged deeper and deeper into the abyss of night work.

It was in March of this year that Akai had an incident.

Shortly before this, Akai had been exchanging messages with a woman in her 40s whom he had met on a social networking service. In one of the messages, the woman in her 40s hinted that she was suicidal. When Akai, who was in need of money, learned of this, he decided to use her as a sucker to take her money. Then he said, “Let’s die together.

Let’s die together.”

He invited her to commit mass suicide.

He went to the victim’s parents’ home and said, “I want you to pay for this.

A sex worker who could no longer earn a high income from her day job turned to a part-time job in the black market (photo is for reference only).

Akai invited this woman in her 40s to his apartment and showed her psychotropic drugs. He told her that with just these, she could die with ease. Akai then had her write down the PIN number of a financial institution in her will on the grounds that it was for the bereaved family.

After obtaining her personal information, Akai gave the psychotropic drug he had prepared to a woman in her 40s. When the woman fell into a coma, Akai, instead of taking the drug himself, went through her personal belongings and took 15,000 yen from her wallet, and then withdrew 175,000 yen from her cash card.

This alone is a vicious crime, but the crime was not over yet. Akai contacted the victim’s parents and said.

The daughter was violent, and our furniture was broken. Please compensate us for the damage.

He then asked for about 2 million yen to compensate for the damage.

The victim later recovered from her comatose state and survived. At that time, it was discovered that money was missing from her wallet and bank account, and this became a case.

This incident must be said to be extremely fearless for a single crime committed by a woman in her mid-20s.

Once you fall into the swamp of crime, it is hard to get out (photo is an image).

One can imagine that a woman who worked for a general company had one foot in the nightlife, but to lure a suicidal woman from there, using social networking sites, to not only drive her to suicide and take her money and goods, but also to call her parents’ house to extort money from her…. …….

In fact, this time, we received a call from a prostitute, Ako, who used to work at the same restaurant as Akai, and according to Ako, the circumstances may be as follows.

After Corona, more and more people are coming to work at night because of the high cost of living and the fact that day jobs don’t make much money. But in the end, the number of people working at night has become too large, and except for a few girls who are among the best three in the store, they can hardly expect to earn a high income.

There are all kinds of things being created, such as live-streaming and amateur, home-made porn, but there are too many people working there, too. People start working at night in search of money, but it’s not going as well as they would like. And yet they learn to do weird things like hosting, drugs, etc., and the need for money just keeps getting greater and greater.”

For a long time, there has been a tendency for people with low incomes or debts that are not enough to cover their daytime job income to turn to night work. If they worked there several times a week, they could earn a good amount of money.

However, the hurdles to working in the sex industry have been lowered, and many people are flowing into the industry, while the number of prostitutes is decreasing due to inequality and the declining birth rate. As a result, supply and demand no longer match, and prices are falling.

Personal Information of Customers Sold Off to Theft Groups

The desire of men and women in the nightlife district (photo is for reference only).

Aiko continues, “Sex work alone is not enough.

Aiko continues, “More and more people are doing more dangerous things because sex work is not enough for them. I think the case of Akai Kan is like that. The girls around me also work various part-time jobs.”

Some of the women who work in the sex industry have always had one foot in the underworld and are not afraid to engage in illegal activities.

One woman whom Aiko knows was engaged in reselling stolen goods after being taught by a half-Japanese sex worker she met at a store. This half-Japanese prostitute had an acquaintance at a store specializing in buying cosmetics, and apparently had a route to buy even stolen goods. She then approached women she met in the sex industry and had them resell the stolen goods, receiving a small margin from the store.

The more vicious women would meet privately outside with customers who looked like they had money and get their addresses, or sleep overnight with popular hosts to find out where they lived. They would then tell this to a group of thieves they met on the street at night. They would then receive a portion of the profits from the thefts.

Since the nightlife district is populated by all kinds of criminals, it is not difficult to obtain contacts if one is so inclined. So they sometimes get involved in crime as a part-time job.

Aiko described the point at which Akai lured out a suicidal person as follows.

She said, “I think the reason she found someone who wanted to commit suicide and tried to steal their money was because she knew such women were easier to fool. In the nightlife world, for quite some time now, people have been trying to find people who want to commit suicide on social networking sites and use them in their business or involve them in crimes.

We have all seen it up close and personal, and some of us have even had it done to us ourselves. So, I think she naturally learned these tricks.

According to Ako, many of the women who work in the sex industry have suicidal thoughts. What kind of businesses or crimes target those with suicidal thoughts?

I will discuss the graphic testimonies in detail in “Part 2: Sex Workers Reveal the Sordid Underworld Businesses That Take Advantage of Suicidal People”.

Various kinds of evil lurk in the downtown area.

Part 2: A Sex Worker Reveals a Sordid Underworld Business That Even Suicidal People Take Advantage of.

  • Interview and text Kota Ishii

    Born in Tokyo in 1977. Nonfiction writer. He has reported and written about culture, history, and medicine in Japan and abroad. His books include "Absolute Poverty," "The Body," "The House of 'Demons'," "43 Killing Intent," "Let's Talk about Real Poverty," "Social Map of Disparity and Division," and "Reporto: Who Kills Japanese Language Ability?

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