I thought it was a model of a human skeleton..! Tanishi Matsubara, a comedian who lives in an accident-ridden house, “A scary experience related to food”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I thought it was a model of a human skeleton..! Tanishi Matsubara, a comedian who lives in an accident-ridden house, “A scary experience related to food”.

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Tanishi Matsubara (41), who has lived in 17 accident-ridden houses throughout Japan and continues to discover new haunted places on his own, released his new book “Scary Food” on June 26. In his new book, “Scary Food,” which was released on June 26, he talks about his scary experiences related to food.


Stilton cheese, a blue cheese from England, is said to cause strange dreams when eaten. I borrowed its power and tried an experiment.

I went to Inome Cave in Shimane Prefecture, a place where it is said that if you dream of the cave, you will die. The experiment was to find out what kind of dreams one would have if one went to the cave and slept after ingesting Stilton cheese.

We arrived at Inome Cave late at night in a light rain. Inome Cave is located along the coast on the road that goes over the mountain behind Izumo-taisha Shrine to the sea side. This is also the place where more than 13 ancient human bones were discovered.

Is it really connected to Hades? We went inside to find out.

Right in the middle of the cave, there was a stake-like object stuck in the ceiling at a height where you could bend over if you wanted to. I wondered if this might be a marker indicating the boundary between this world and Hades. I laid out a leisure sheet in this position and wrapped myself in a sleeping bag.

Mysterious stakes in the cave. The deeper one went into the cave, the lower the ceiling became. Also, there were a large number of bats on the ceiling at the back of the cave, so we could not reach the innermost part of the cave.

It was late in the day, so we had about an hour to verify the situation, considering the time to return to the lodge. A fixed-point camera was set up with an angle of view that would show both himself sleeping and the back of the cave, and a handheld camera was placed nearby in case something happened. I asked the program director, Mr. Kamakura, and the producer, Mr. Kato, to return to the car and wake me up an hour later.

From this point on, I was completely alone. I took a piece of Stilton cheese out of my backpack and ate it. The unique smell is pleasant to me, and the saltiness is perfect, with a rich milk flavor.

It’s good, Stilton!

Now I’m ready to go. Now it’s time to see if I can sleep. I close my eyelids.

The sound of rain or waves, I can’t tell whether it’s rain or waves, “zzzaaaahhhh,” is in my ears. I can’t sleep at all.





Oh, I feel like my hair is growing longer and longer. It’s like my body is floating around. I wonder if rainwater has flowed into the cave. What is it? I can’t move my legs. No, someone is holding my ankle, right? Oh, my God, is that a ghost?

Mr. Matsubara before going to sleep in the cave. In addition to Stilton cheese, he also drank a lactobacillus drink, which at the time was talked about for its ability to help people sleep better. He had purchased the cheese in advance at a cheese store in Tokyo.

When he opened his eyelids, he saw two flashlights from outside the cave. At this point, Director Kamakura and Mr. Kato came to pick us up. It would be a waste to end it here. I had to pretend to be asleep. The flashlights and the two figures were gradually approaching us. Oh, is this all there is to the experiment? …… Hey, they didn’t wake me up. I wonder if they are checking to see if I’m asleep.

I opened my eyelids. There were no shadows or lights there. I quickly picked up my handheld camera, raised my upper body, and pointed it out of the cave.

Two people with flashlights should have been approaching us just now, but there was no one there. …… I thought it might be the director and Mr. Kato, but if not, then who was that?”

I explained the situation so that my voice could be heard on camera. He put down the handheld camera and closed his eyelids once more.






It was Director Kamakura and Mr. Kato. Apparently, this time they were really asleep.

In the morning, Director Kamakura reports to me.

I checked all the fixed-point camera footage we took last night, but there was no sign of Tanishi-kun getting up and setting up the camera. He just lay there motionless the whole time, not a shadow or light on the camera.

What? That’s impossible. I was definitely conscious at that time. Then …… was it a dream? Was I dreaming that I slept in Inome Cave and woke up seeing a shadow and light in Inome Cave? I guess I dreamed about Inome Cave.


The room was cluttered like a garbage dump, and the man was nowhere to be found. In a corner of the upstairs room, which was crammed with figures from horror movies and figurines of Geiko, I found a skeletal model of a human body lying on the floor. It looked so realistic, I thought,

“Oh, no, this is the real thing!”

I immediately called the police. After an examination of the scene, the body was recovered and a large amount of the remains were left in the room. It was very difficult to restore the room to its original state, and I was told that it would eventually be renovated and used as a residence or store, but that I could rent the room for a month in the meantime.

The room where the man’s skeletal remains were found had been in arrears of rent for two years and had gone unaccounted for. Even Mr. Matsubara said that he rarely encounters accident properties like this that have not been specially cleaned.

The bookshelves in the room were lined with comic books, subculture magazines, a model of a skull, a bottle of something formalin-preserved, and grotesque figures, and the walls were decorated with framed specimens of bats, scorpions, giant centipedes, and tarantulas. The residents have quite unique tastes. Between the refrigerator and bookcase was a small table on which was the man’s driver’s license.

When we went upstairs, we smelled the distinctive odor of a disused barn or abandoned building, and the leftovers were even more amazing. At the far end of the veranda, a shalekobe sits like a rathole, peeking into the room. In the corner of the room leading to that veranda, there was a human-sized patch of dirt. This was the place where the man had died.

But why is there dirt here? After the police recovered the body, did they cover it with soil to cover the smell? No, I have never heard of such a story.

I once asked a cleaner when I experienced a part-time job as a special cleaner. The police do not collect all the bodies. The police do not collect all the bodies, but only those they can “take with them. Hair stuck to the scalp on the floor and liquid that has turned to soup in the bathtub are not collected. The property in this case did not include special cleaning. It was left untouched and untouched after the police recovered the body.

The man probably died two years ago when he failed to pay his rent, and when his body was found two years later, it was only bones. So the body recovered by the police is bone.

So where did the rest of the bones go? Oh, maybe this soil is the non-bone.

The soil made from the man’s remains contained excessive amounts of phosphorus, so the soil by itself did not sprout plants, and when wet, it hardened like lard. The soil itself looks like soil, but it has a dusty, faintly sweet smell.

The man’s body must have been eaten by rats, maggots, and cockroaches, and then bacteria decomposed his feces, turning him into soil after two years. He became soil from a human being.

Tanishi Matsubara, author of “Fearful Food

Several years ago, a friend pointed out to me that I was unconsciously gagging, so I went to a shrine in Kyoto. The Shinto priest told him, “Tanishi-kun, your body is full of spiritual energy,” and he underwent an exorcism.
Of all the houses I have lived in, the fifth was the hardest,” said Matsubara. He said, “Of all the accident houses I have lived in, the fifth house was the hardest.” Thinking he was talking about a psychic experience, he said, “The house had not been cleaned, and it smelled of house dust and tar.
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