Lunchbox munching, late night with a beautiful boy… Yuriko Yoshitaka “feels the charm” in these treasured photos | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Lunchbox munching, late night with a beautiful boy… Yuriko Yoshitaka “feels the charm” in these treasured photos

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Lunch time between shoots. He was eating his lunch with his female manager looking really good. Taken in September of this year.

In September of this year, actress Yuriko Yoshitaka (33) was at an athletic stadium in Tama City, Tokyo. She was there for the filming of the drama “Beloved” (TBS), in which she plays the lead role. Yoshitaka is playing the role of a female businesswoman who is an important witness in a murder case. At the stadium, they were probably filming a scene where she reminisced about her school days. Yoshitaka was wearing a high school girl’s look.

“Even in her thirties, Yoshitaka looks young and comfortable in her high school girl outfit. During the lunch break, she was enjoying a location lunch box with her manager. She may have had a favorite side dish, but she also got the manager’s portion and smiled mischievously, saying, ‘Hey!

In her first year of high school, she was scouted while shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo, and made her debut in the 2006 film “Noriko’s Table. Since then, Yoshitaka has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry for 15 years. I’d like to introduce her overwhelming presence, which shows her attractive face in both public and private, through her treasured photos.

Cuddling with a man late at night: ……

April, 2007. After getting out of the car in Tokyo, Yoshitaka and a beautiful boy walked shoulder to shoulder to a popular Japanese restaurant.

In April of 2007, a car stopped near “S”, a Japanese restaurant frequented by celebrities, and a beautiful woman came out from inside. It was Yoshitaka, wearing a beige cap. Next, a slender man appeared from the passenger seat and followed Yoshitaka. He was a beautiful boy with cuticle hair. Could it be his girlfriend?

The two seemed to be having a great time, occasionally looking at each other and puffing out. They walked into “S” as if they were standing close together.

That was all well and good, but no matter how long I waited, they never came out. They were probably too drunk from their favorite highball, but they didn’t come out even after the date changed. Please go home on time. …… I couldn’t help but utter such a line when a cab pulled up in front of the store just after 2 am. It seemed that he was finally leaving. It was five minutes later that Yoshitaka came out of the restaurant.

On the same day, Yoshitaka met with the people concerned to discuss the airing of the drama “Watashi, Tadaji de kaeru suru” (I’ll go home on time), which was airing at 10:00 p.m. on “S”. (TBS), which was airing at 10:00 p.m. on “S”. The reason why he didn’t come out for a long time may have been because he was absorbed in the reminiscing session afterwards. Incidentally, the beautiful boy is said to be his manager.

The handsome actor who enjoyed yakiniku together

Yoshitaka and Ryusei Yokohama left the restaurant after the launch of the movie, enjoying a delicious meal of high-class yakiniku. (Photo taken in November 2007.) They enjoyed a third party until 3 a.m. after the yakiniku.

On a November night in 2007, a woman with a small face wearing a mask walked into the restaurant in a good mood. It was Yoshitaka.

“She loves meat so much that she says she can tell which part of the meat is which just by looking at it, and she sometimes goes to yakiniku by herself. It was also the “Good Meat (November 29th) Day”. I wondered if she was going to “yakiniku by herself” or if she was going on a yakiniku date with someone.

As the date changed, Yoshitaka came out of the restaurant with several women, looking even more excited than before. I thought she was having a yakiniku girls’ night out at ……, but then I saw young actor Yokohama Ryusei right behind her.

“This is the first time I’ve seen them together in a movie. The movie was cranked up a few days ago, so they had a dinner party to celebrate.

Yoshitaka is currently playing the lead role in the drama “Saiai” (TBS). She is currently playing the lead role in the drama “Saiai” (TBS). Even in the midst of her busy schedule, she shows us her charming face without showing any signs of fatigue.

Tadayoshi Okura and Yoshitaka take a break at Narita Airport after returning from a trip to Bali. The couple, who had been living together, returned to Okura’s house in a one-box car.
Yoshitaka and Miwa Akihiro, the narrator of NHK’s morning drama “Hanako to An,” are also seen in their unique outfits.
A photo taken in the stands of a stadium. It was probably a scene where she was cheering with her classmates. They were cheering with smiles on their faces. Taken in September of this year.
April 2007. Yoshitaka and the beautiful boy were walking shoulder to shoulder to a popular Japanese restaurant after getting off the car in Tokyo.
Yoshitaka after stage rehearsals at a theater in Setagaya Ward on a night in June 2004.
  • Photography Yuri Adachi, Yumi Enohara, Sota Shima, Toshikatsu Tanaka, Keisuke Nishi

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