50-year-old man “indecently assaulted a teenage woman in a parking lot after a bicycle collision”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

50-year-old man “indecently assaulted a teenage woman in a parking lot after a bicycle collision”.

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Enomoto Suspects Indecently Attacking Teenage Woman in Parking Lot


It was on a street in Nerima Ward, Tokyo, when two bicycles collided and the man and woman on them fell over. The man apologized to the woman and said, “It’s okay,” and left the scene. After a while, however, the man chased after the woman, made false accusations against her, took her into a parking lot, and committed indecent acts with her.

By August 18, the Metropolitan Police Department arrested Eiji Enomoto, 50, a suspect of unknown occupation, living in Itabashi Ward, on suspicion of committing an indecent act against a teenage female, A. A filed a damage report with the police. The suspect was found to have committed the crime through security camera footage.

The suspect and Ms. A’s bicycle collided in the early morning hours of July 29. The suspect accepted Ms. A’s apology, but immediately followed her and said, ‘The basket of my bicycle is broken. The basket of my bicycle is broken. What are you going to do about it? If you pay me with your body, I’ll make it go away.

The suspect took Ms. A to a nearby parking lot. There, the suspect apparently engaged in indecent acts, including touching Ms. A. The police investigated the incident, but the suspect was not charged. When questioned by the police, Enomoto admitted the crime, saying, ‘There is no doubt about it.

Gave 10,000 yen to a junior high school girl in the car. ……

There have been a number of indecent assaults in which parking lots have been the scene of the crime. The following cases were uncovered in August of this year alone.

On August 15, a 32-year-old male employee of a company in Musashino City was arrested by the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violating the Child Prostitution and Child Pornography Law. The man turned himself in, saying he was “caught up in a sense of guilt.

On August 17, Shimane Prefectural Police Izumo Police arrested a man, 50, a group employee living in Okuizumo Town on suspicion of indecent assault. The man reportedly said that he did not intend to forcefully touch her.

On August 20, Ehime Prefectural Police’s Ozu Police Station arrested a 33-year-old male office worker in Yawatahama City on suspicion of public indecency. He is suspected of walking naked in a parking lot in Ozu City. The police believe there are additional charges.

Why is it that there is no end to the number of indecent assaults in parking lots?

Most parking lots are equipped with security cameras, but there are many cars parked there and there are blind spots. Especially at night, there are almost no people around. The perpetrators probably think it is difficult to discover their crimes.

However, due to improvements in the ability to analyze security camera footage, there are fewer and fewer cases of perpetrators being able to escape. The perpetrators are no longer allowed to act with an optimistic outlook.

A teenage woman was taken into a parking lot …… (photo is partially doctored)
Enomoto initially accepted the woman’s apology (some photos have been doctored).
A collision between bicycles triggered an indecent incident (some photos have been doctored).
Suspect Enomoto admits to the crime (photo partially doctored)
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