The most heated presidential election in history! “Behind the scenes of the fierce battle between Ishiba, Kono, and Kishida for the presidency | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The most heated presidential election in history! “Behind the scenes of the fierce battle between Ishiba, Kono, and Kishida for the presidency

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The LDP presidential election has changed dramatically with the announcement of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s resignation.

Now, the Akasaka Diet Members’ Quarters has turned into a nocturnal castle, a bizarre space where the operation headquarters of the various camps are mixed together.

At present, Fumio Kishida is the only one who has officially announced his candidacy. The media is in a blind war, unable to run even observation articles.

The race for the presidency is in an unbelievable state of confusion. The president of the Liberal Democratic Party will become the prime minister of this country. In whose ears will the voices of the people, who have no right to vote, reach?

The cry of the soul from top leader Ishiba

Shigeru Ishiba says.

“The weak beat up the weaker. The disparity widens. Can we pass on such a world to the next generation? I strongly believe that it is not a good idea.

His passion to run for the presidency is still hidden. He is gritting his teeth and campaigning for his candidacy. If he has the right nominees, he will be running for the presidency for the fifth time. Ishiba, who has lost many presidential elections in the past, is not concerned about winning or losing, and hopes that the message that the candidate will send in the election, that is, the message that the LDP will send, will reach the people.

Expectations are high for a “government at a distance” from the Abe and Kan administrations.

What are the opinions of LDP members and friends of the LDP in this confusing presidential election?

“According to a survey conducted over the weekend, about 30% of respondents said they would vote for Shigeru Ishiba, followed by more than 20% for Taro Kono. The only other candidate who has officially announced his candidacy, Fumio Kishida, is in a close race at just under 20%.

About 1.1 million party members and friends are eligible to vote in the presidential election. The number of party members and friends who have the right to vote in the election is about 1.1 million, and these “party member votes” will be converted into the number of votes each candidate will win by equalizing the number of Diet member votes (383).

“Sanae Takaichi’s supporters are the core of the LDP’s right wing, so they account for less than 10% of the total. It will be difficult for Seiko Noda to gather endorsers. There are also about 20 percent who are undecided.

Although the candidates for the presidency have not yet been formally announced, the “feeling” that can be gleaned from this is that they want to distance themselves from the politics that has continued for nine years under the Abe and Kan administrations, in other words, they want to establish a “de-Abe” administration.

House of Representatives becomes a nocturnal castle

Taro Kono, who came in second, is still in talks with his Aso faction. Taro Aso, the chairman of the Aso faction, said.

“Taro Aso, the chairman of the Aso faction, apparently encouraged him to “think and decide for himself about running for the presidency.

More than a dozen members of the House of Representatives and a number of members of the House of Councillors have already expressed their support.

“The Kono area has become the most heated gathering in the conference room of the Akasaka Residence, with discussions lasting until the latest.

I hope that the sleepless discussions at the Akasaka Diet Members’ Quarters are not a power struggle within the party, but a constructive policy-making effort to restore the daily lives of the people.

“I’ve never seen a political situation like this.

“I’ve never seen such an unpredictable presidential election before. This is the most heated election in history.” (LDP official)

The announcement of Kan’s resignation has made it clear that the Japanese people will not support a politician who tries to fix things with short-term tricks in order to retain power. Let us hear the real voice of the people.

The race for the presidency, which is like a game of musical chairs for the prime minister, must come to an end. At a time of national crisis, it is imperative that the election of the president be a “contest of wits” in order to lead the nation and its people to prosperity and happiness.

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  • Reporting and writing by Takashi Hashimoto

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