Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Mystery Marriage” and his mother’s “apartment next door” report raise concerns about the “mother-in-law issue. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuzuru Hanyu’s “Mystery Marriage” and his mother’s “apartment next door” report raise concerns about the “mother-in-law issue.

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Yuzuru Hanyu announced his surprise marriage. His new wife remains a mystery. ……

The problem of “parents’ separation from their children” is common in the world, but when it comes to the “prince of the ice,” it may be even more difficult than it seems to be in the world.

When Yuzuru Hanyu, a “national star” with impeccable visuals and personality as well as spectacular results, received the National Honor Award in 2006, he said, “This award was made possible by all of you,

When Yuzuru Hanyu received the National Honor Award in 2006, he commented, “I could win this award together with all of you.

Yuzuru Hanyu, an impeccable “national star,” including his own personal achievements. He declined to receive a personalized commemorative gift, preferring instead to receive only the award itself. Here, too, we can sense that he is thoroughly protecting the image of Yuzuru Hanyu that the public has of him.

Yuzuru Hanyu is so protective of his fans that even though he said he wanted to get married at the age of 25 or 6, he was very careful not to damage his image. She also said, “If I get married, people will think I betrayed them,” so she must have been very careful about this surprise marriage.

(A source from a wide-show news outlet said, “When Hanyu made his announcement, he did not reveal his partner’s true identity, and he did not use any words such as ‘happy family.

I will continue to live my life with all of you who support me, skating together, and moving forward with all my might,” he said, forgetting his concern for his fans.

She never forgot her concern for her fans.

The August 31 issue of Josei Seven (Women’s Seven) reported, “Yuzuru Hanyu’s “mother refused” to marry a “civilian in Sendai” and a “presence that makes people feel at ease,” and the family’s conflict that unfolded at the billionaire’s mansion.

According to the article, the partner is a “civilian in Sendai” who “makes people around him feel at ease. However, Hanyu’s mother, who considers the protection of the Yuzu brand more important than anything else, seems to have a policy of concealing his wife’s true identity.

Last March, Hanyu bought two rooms on the top floor of a luxury tower apartment in Sendai City.

One is a new home for Hanyu and his wife, and his parents and sister seem to live next door. His parents take him to and from the skating rink, and his mother is still very close to Mr. Hanyu. When Hanyu won back-to-back gold medals at the PyeongChang Olympics, his mother was the first one to put a gold medal on his head.

Speaking of Hanyu’s mother, she has always backed him up fully, even making his outfits by hand while working part-time. She is also said to have raised Hanyu strictly, forbidding him from falling in love, using cell phones, etc. “As expected,” she said, “Hanyu has already lost her confidence.

As expected, Ms. Hanyu is already 28 years old. …… I find it strange that a man in his twenties is so attached to his mother, even though he also has a wife. In an interview, Hanyu himself said, “My mother is enough just to be by my side,” and some people on SNS are concerned that he might be a “mother’s son.

(The same sports newspaper reporter) Not only is Hanyu living next door to her mother to “keep the soup cold,” but she is also worried about a “daughter-in-law-mother-in-law problem. There are also concerns about a “mother-in-law problem,” but how is the “prince’s wife” feeling? ……

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