The “guess the girl” is a big hit among the talents at Johnny’s office. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The “guess the girl” is a big hit among the talents at Johnny’s office.

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I watch a lot of my favorite kids. I can really relate to it,” said Kento Nakajima.

The TV anime “Suishinoko” aired from April to June this year on TOKYO MX and other channels, and created a huge boom. Even after the first anime season ended in June, the popularity of the series has continued to grow, especially on social networking sites. Perhaps because they are idols as well, the talents of the Johnny’s office have also become extremely interested in “Mystery Child.

When the anime started in April, it attracted a lot of attention, partly due to the synergy effect of the theme song “Idol” written by YOASOBI.

Meanwhile, Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yusho Nakajima mentioned the work in his radio program “Hey!Say!7 UltraJUMP” (Bunka Hoso) broadcast late at night on July 24. Nakajima suddenly asked during the talk, “Have you seen ‘The Girl Who Guesses’? Nakajima suddenly asked, “Have you seen ‘The Girl I’m Guessing’? No, of course it’s not everything. Of course, it’s not everything, but it’s great! He said excitedly, “It’s not all about that, of course, but it’s great!

From the “idol” side, he commented, “I thought it was very well done. I may be showing you the reality, but it’s really well done,” and “The song is great, too. I love it! He also praised the song. In a photo uploaded to the radio’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, he posed as Ai Hoshino, a character from “Mysterious Child.

In addition, Sexy Zone member Nakajima Kento said on the radio program “Sexy Zone’s Qrzone” (Bunka Hoso) broadcast on June 27, “I’m really watching ‘My guess’s Child'” and “I can really sympathize with it. I can really sympathize with them. This really sinks in. Nakajima himself is known as an idol who maintains a royal prince character and is highly professional. On the radio, he said, “There are many aspects to being an idol. You can tell especially by looking at Ai.’ It seems that he was emotionally involved in watching Ai Hoshino, his ‘guess girl'” (writer for an idol magazine).

In addition, Johnny’s WEST’s “My guess is the child” has become very popular within the group, and Tomohiro Kamiyama revealed the reason for watching it on the radio program “Johnny’s WEST Mogitate Sekiju” (Radio Kansai) broadcast on June 25. He was recommended by Ryusei Fujii, a member of the group, and started playing it during the Osaka leg of their concert tour. The story was so interesting that he watched it in no time.

He added, “Now Junta is watching it, and Hamama-chan (Takahiro Hamada) is watching it, too. I think that the “guess girl” is becoming more and more popular in Johnny’s WEST,” he reported. She also mentioned her “favorite character.

In fact, on the radio show “Johnny’s WEST: Kiriyama Terushi and Nakama Jyunta’s REC! Interim said that he “cried a lot” when he watched the first episode and added, “Strange as it may seem, that’s the kind of work we do, too. It’s not an idol business, but people in the entertainment business and fans who support them should all watch it,” said Kiriyama.

As you can see, “Guess Who” is attracting the attention of Johnny’s idols. It may be a must-see for fans to check out so as not to miss out on the buzz.

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