The Battle Between Hiroyuki and Takasu Director Erupts Again Because It Is Weak-minded People Who Unconditionally Help the Weak | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Battle Between Hiroyuki and Takasu Director Erupts Again Because It Is Weak-minded People Who Unconditionally Help the Weak

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Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” “Hiroyuki,” has been “battling” with Katsuya Takasu again.

Hiroyuki Nishimura, a.k.a. “Hiroyuki,” and Katsuya Takasu of the Takasu Clinic have been in the news for their battle on X (formerly Twitter).

The trigger was a post that appeared to come from the X account of Kawakami Ryosei, an advisor to Dwango.

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of arguments when I say this, but in my experience in life, people who make sound arguments for unconditional and unlimited help for the weak are people who have never helped the weak themselves, or at least have never sacrificed themselves to help them or even attempted to help them.

Those who have truly and seriously tried to help the weak would not say such a thing so carelessly. I am someone who has finally given up on the idea that I am incapable of sacrificing all of myself to help others.


In response to this post, Hiroyuki wrote

There are three kinds of people who say, “Let’s help the weak unconditionally.
Hypocrites: “Let’s help them! (I won’t do it.)”
The businessman who pretends to help people.

Then, Director Takasu “intervened” and responded to Hiroyuki’s opinion

Poor thinking and poor heart. Helping the weak unconditionally is the basis of medical practice.

He criticized him outright. Then, Mr. Hiroyuki responded

《When will the Takasu Clinic’s price list become free? Or were you just lying to be cool?

and stuck the URL of the list of procedures listed on the Takasu Clinic’s website.

The battle continued, and Director Takasu said

The reason I charge is my pride as a doctor. I perform many surgeries and treatments for free. (excerpt)

He continued

One year after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, two years after the Great East Japan Earthquake…all surgeries for the victims are free of charge.

(URL of an article about free volunteer work that Director Takasu has done in the past)

Hiroyuki-san, don’t you know about this?

and tweeted, “Hiroyuki-san, don’t you know about this?”

The two had battled before, when Hiroyuki said on YouTube that plastic surgery “only gives you a plastic face,” to which Takasu’s son, Mikiya Takasu, responded, “Only some people get that kind of face, but nowadays you can get natural plastic surgery. He was rebutted by Mikiya Takasu, the son of Takasu, who said, “Only a few people can have such a face, and nowadays natural plastic surgery is possible.

The father, Director Takasu, joined in and a battle ensued. In the end, Hiroyuki shifted the subject and criticized Director Takasu for “making money from foreskin surgery,” and things went in an unfamiliar direction. I didn’t expect such two people with such a history to get into another battle.” (sports newspaper reporter)

In fact, Hiroyuki is not opposed to “helping the weak unconditionally. In fact, he has donated high-spec PCs to orphanages for two consecutive years.

After his battle with President Takasu, he did not want people to think that he was rejecting volunteerism itself,

The total donation is about 115 million yen and 659 units. I’m sorry for the delay in reporting.

He reported his PC donation activities as if it were a last-minute announcement.

Hiroyuki and Director Takasu are actually “unconditionally helping the weak. We hope that the two of them will expand their activities without any battles.

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