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Korean journalist reveals…! Kim Jong-un’s List of Top Actresses and Entertainers

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Kim Jong-un has started to strictly regulate not only foreign dramas and movies but also his own country’s productions (Image: KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro)

If you look at the list, you can see how many celebrities have lost their lives in North Korea.

This is how Joo Sung-ha, a reporter for the South Korean newspaper Dong-a Ilbo and a defector from North Korea, explains on his YouTube channel. What Joo released as a “list” is an internal document prepared by North Korea’s “109 Executive Director. It lists “illegal videos” that are illegal to watch in North Korea.

The “109 Executive Directorate” is a special organization that cracks down on Korean dramas and other illegal productions imported from abroad. In North Korea, the number assigned to an organization is the date when the supreme leader issues the order. If the number is 109, the order is considered to have been given on October 9. Executive Director” means “task force” with special duties.

The “109” was established in 2004 during the reign of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il. The 109 Executive Committee was created in 2004 during the reign of Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, and included personnel from the Ministry of National Security and Security (secret police), the Ministry of Security (police), and computer technicians. There are ‘sub-groups’ (units) all over the country, and they conduct unannounced searches of ordinary households to see if there are any illegal images.

Surprisingly, the list prepared by the “109 Managing Director” includes not only foreign films and dramas but also many works produced in North Korea. Mr. Ko Eui-ki, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan, who is an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, explains.

“There is a new law that Kim Jong-un emphasized thoroughly at the Workers’ Party Congress held in January this year. It’s called the Law on the Elimination of Reactionary Ideology and Culture. The law imposes strict regulations not only on foreign Hallyu content, but also on works produced in North Korea. The law imposes strict restrictions not only on foreign Hallyu content, but also on North Korean-produced works, including those featuring celebrities who have said or done inappropriate things in the past, as well as videos that appear to have been influenced by foreign countries.

Famous Actresses Tasted “Hell on Earth

According to Mr. Chu, most of the celebrities who played leading roles in the films on the list have been eliminated. Mr. Gao continues.

“Some of the films on the list were very popular in North Korea, such as The Trunk Grows from the Root, Secretary of the Tae Hong Dan, and A Schoolgirl’s Diary. The lead actress in “The Trunk Grows from the Root” is Kim Hye Kyung, one of the top actresses from the “Joy Luck Group. She is said to have been the mistress of Jang Sung-taek, Kim Jong-un’s uncle, who was executed in December 2001.

Indeed, Kim Hye Kyung is likely to have been executed. She illegally amassed a fortune backed by Jang’s prestige. Immediately after Jang’s execution, she turned in some of her assets and turned herself in to the authorities, but Kim Jong-un would not allow it. He was sentenced to a heavy sentence, and together with his illegitimate son, he was sent to the “Total Control Zone,” a political prison called the “Hell on Earth. We don’t know anything about him after that.

Images and celebrities buried by the authorities: ……. Why is Kim Jong-un tightening restrictions even on his own films?

“It’s no secret that North Korean films have been influenced by South Korean dramas and movies circulating in the country. “It is no secret that North Korea’s visual images are also influenced by South Korean dramas and movies circulating in the country, and Jong-un is probably eager to prevent this trend. A nation does not fall only by military power or political pressure. As we can see from the example of the former socialist countries in Eastern Europe, the influx of foreign culture and the gradual change in the consciousness of the people is a distant cause.

In North Korea, too, foreign films and inconvenient homegrown works are slowly spreading among the people. The tightening of restrictions on domestic and foreign works shows that Jong-un has a strong sense of crisis.”

In North Korea, the dictatorial regime is gradually being undermined not only by foreign works, but also by domestic content. Kim Jong-un’s impatience will only intensify.

  • Photo KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro

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