Despite the “high level of interest,” Ai Fukuhara’s “handing over of her first-born son” has received less and less coverage on the “wide show” media. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Despite the “high level of interest,” Ai Fukuhara’s “handing over of her first-born son” has received less and less coverage on the “wide show” media.

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Former Japanese national table tennis player Ai Fukuhara is involved in a legal battle over the “handover” of her eldest son.

The dispute between Ai Fukuhara and her ex-husband Chiang Hung-Chieh over their eldest son has become protracted, with Fukuhara refusing to comply with a court order to extradite his son.

As is common in this type of controversy, a “proxy war” has begun in which the weekly magazines are divided into Fukuhara’s camp and Jiang’s camp, each sending out information, but it is not clear which camp is making the correct claims. However, it is not clear which side is right, and there are more voices of condemnation against Fukuhara for his refusal to comply with the court’s decision.

However, the mother and child are staying at a luxury hotel in Singapore and enjoying their summer vacation. What is she going to do?

Some people are wondering if the reason she is away from Japan is to avoid enforcement action. If Fukuhara remains abroad and Jiang files criminal charges against him, he may be placed on the international wanted list, according to some reports.

Both sides continue to fight back and forth, and the turmoil seems to be moving in a big way, but compared to the weekly reports, the wide shows seem to be dealing with it less frequently than at first. ……

The press conference by Mr. Jiang was covered simultaneously on TV, perhaps because it was held at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. It was also covered by news programs. Of course, there were also wide-running shows, but they didn’t spend much time on it.

Although Fukuhara is an athlete, he has a lot of media exposure, and from the viewpoint of viewers, he is like a celebrity. Therefore, at first glance, this disturbance tends to be taken as celebrity gossip. However, when you look at the content, it is a very social matter,” said a reporter from the social division of a TV station.

(A reporter from the social affairs department of a TV station). Because of this, it is not like a celebrity “love-hate scandal,” and is handled with caution.

It is a common sight in the entertainment section of a wide variety of TV shows for commentators to analyze and comment on reports in sports newspapers and weekly magazines, and to give their own opinions on the matter. However, a staff member in the information production department of a TV station said that it is not so easy in this case.

Mr. Fukuhara is so well known that most of the public knows him,” said a staff member at a TV station’s information and production department. Also, this disturbance is a topic that attracts rather a lot of attention because it is something that generally happens between divorcing couples, and there are probably people who have actually had such an experience. So: it’s a good topic for a wide-ranging show.

But be careful: both sides are represented by lawyers, the court has already intervened, and the court has actually issued a decision. It is dangerous to take up a weekly report where the facts are not clear which side is right. It will cause trouble later. ……”

Furthermore, even though it is a dispute between a married couple, national sentiments must be taken into consideration due to the differences in the nationalities of the two countries. Also, Taiwanese law is involved, so they have to find a commentator who is familiar with Taiwanese law, which makes it difficult to handle the issue.

With the approval of the compulsory execution, the Internet has once again become a source of criticism against Fukuhara. It seems that even more attention is being paid to the disturbance, but what kind of outcome is awaiting us?

  • Interview and text by Hiroyuki Sasaki (entertainment reporter) Hiroyuki Sasaki (Entertainment Reporter)

    Born in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Hiroyuki Sasaki became a reporter for FRIDAY at the age of 31, reporting numerous scoops during his time at FRIDAY and later working mainly for weekly magazines. Currently, he also appears on TV and radio as a commentator.

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