The demolition work is finally completed… The buyer and intermediary reveal the whole story of the “Takumi Gumi Headquarters Sale”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The demolition work is finally completed… The buyer and intermediary reveal the whole story of the “Takumi Gumi Headquarters Sale”.

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Takumi Gumi office under demolition. Construction is said to be progressing smoothly and the site has already been cleared.

It has been about 50 years since the first Takumi Gumi headquarters was established in the entertainment district of Minami, Osaka, in 1970.

The first Takumi Gumi headquarters was established in 1970 in the entertainment district of Minami, Osaka, at the height of the high economic growth period. Since then, the Takumi Gumi has quickly risen through the ranks to become a prestigious organization. In particular, the first head of the Takumi clan, Takumi Masaru (61 years old), was a young head of the fifth Yamaguchigumi, and developed many businesses including real estate business. He was also a leading figure in the “economic yakuza.

However, the situation changed drastically in 1997, when gang leader Takumi was shot dead by a member of the Nakano-kai gang in the tea lounge of the Shin-Kobe Oriental Hotel. The assassination in broad daylight subsequently developed into a major conflict that shook the fifth Yamaguchigumi clan. It was about three years ago that talk of selling the headquarters, which symbolizes the history of yakuza in the Showa and Heisei eras, surfaced.

There had been talk among those involved for some time that the Takumi Gumi was looking for a buyer. However, it was difficult to reach a compromise.

The Takumi Gumi building, located in a prime Minami district, boasts four stories above ground and a total floor area of approximately 320 m2. The sale price was 330 million yen for a property that would cost no less than 500 million yen even at market prices. This is a truly exceptional price, but there was a reason for this price. A local real estate official said, “The sale of the headquarters was handled by the Osaka Prefectural Government.

The Osaka Prefectural Police also had a hand in the sale of the headquarters, and the price was set with their approval. In order to avoid money games, they even told us not to move the price. In addition, the prefectural police made strict selections as to the parties to whom the property would be sold in order to avoid any unnecessary profit sharing.

In addition, the police included the following condition.

In addition, the prefectural police included the following condition: “Even if we purchased the property, the prefectural police made it a condition that the headquarters must be dismantled and the land cleared. From the very beginning, Chinese companies had expressed an interest in buying the property, but the police had always held up their end of the deal. The reason for this is that foreign companies do not listen to the grip of the police and do not know what they will do. Earlier this year, several Japanese companies were negotiating behind the scenes to purchase the headquarters,” he said.

It was not until April of this year that a major move was made.

When we visited this spring, only a small portion of the first floor remained

On April 14, Osaka-based Company H put its name on the registry as the official purchaser of Takumi Gumi. It had been about three years since the search for a buyer began. After three years of searching for a buyer, the company was finally able to sell the property, but the story did not end so easily. Even after the contract was concluded, there was still some trouble between the broker and the buyer. Hideo Kugihara of Koyasan Buddhist Stupa Sales Sara Kikaku, which acted as an intermediary in the sale of the Takumi Gumi headquarters, said, “I was the one who sold the property to the owner [of the group’s office], and he was the one who sold the property.

I was consulted by the owner in February of this year,” said Hideo Kugihara of Koyasan Buddhist Stupa Sales Sara Planning Co. From there, I started looking for a buyer for the property as an intermediary. However, most of the people who raised their hands were Chinese. Although it is difficult to find a buyer for a real estate property related to a union office, Chinese people recognize that they can purchase the property at a low price, and raise their hands impulsively.

Some Chinese who have been approached have tried to use the office building to start a tavern. However, the prefectural police request that the land be cleared is an absolute requirement. The building was not to remain, and furthermore, it was proposed to be sold to a person with a clear identity. Of course, this does not mean that foreigners are not allowed, but as long as they are proper taxpayers.”

Through such communication, the purchaser was finally narrowed down to Company H, and the formal sale process was set in motion. While Mr. Kukihara was relieved, he was at a loss for words when he found out who was behind the scenes at Company H. “That’s the person who was behind the sale,” Mr. Kukihara said.

He said, “That’s K Mr. K. He runs a real estate business and is a well-known figure in the underworld. He had been making an offer to purchase the Takumi group headquarters for some time, but I refused for compliance reasons. Then, he planned to set up another buyer to purchase the property, which I also rejected. In the midst of all this, I decided to sell the property to the same religious family, Company H, which has now purchased the property.”

However, it was Mr. K who was behind the scenes at Company H. Mr. K was behind the scenes.

It was only in June of this year, after the contract was signed, that I learned that it was Mr. K who was behind the sale. When one of our employees questioned him about it, he told her that he had been asked to do so by the chairman of the board. When one of our employees questioned him about it, he told her that he had been asked to do it by the chairman.

When I questioned Mr. K, thinking it was impossible, he replied, “He is my servant, H H I paid for it. He half-apologetically admitted his involvement, saying, “I paid for it. Later, we learned that Mr. K had used his son’s company in the past to sell the Takumi II family’s land mansion, and Mr. K admitted to this.”

So what would Company H, the company in the middle of all this, say? When the reporter called the representative on his cell phone, he replied that he would be available for a face-to-face interview. Later, when we asked him about the allegations again, he admitted that Mr. K had invested in the company and replied, “We have already returned the investment.

I have already returned the investment. I’ve known Mr. K for about 10 years. I have known Mr. K for about 10 years.

He further refuted Mr. Kukihara’s assertion, saying, “I’ve heard from Mr. Takumi’s office, too.

After that, Mr. K asked me if I could carry his chair, and I told him it was fine because it was mine. Mr. Kukihara apparently made a fuss about it, saying it was theft. It is not theft. I am the owner. I told him it was okay.

The Takumi Gumi office before its demolition. A symbolic building of the chivalrous world in the Kansai region has come to an end.

Meanwhile, in the course of our interview, he spilled the following promise to Mr. K. “Mr. K. told me that he would sell it to me at a ‘high price.

“(Mr. K told me), ‘When you sell at a high price, give me a little. He said, ‘Give me a little for my hard work. I said, ‘I understand. I also have a client, so I have to make him a profit. I have to make a profit, too. A local real estate agent told me, “The price is 500 tsubo (330 square meters). How about 5 million yen? How about 5,000,000 yen per tsubo? I can’t sell it because it’s too cheap.

It’s too cheap to sell. (The first person to raise his hand (to buy the property) was from China, but I heard that he was passed over. The deposit was 10 million yen. The deposit was 10 million yen. I heard that Mr. Takumi also rejected the offer. I don’t think the four divisions of the prefectural police will give the foreign investors a pass because they don’t know what they will do later on.”

The actual dismantling of the headquarters began at the end of May of this year. However, after a while, some suspicious information began to circulate among those involved.

In June, a story circulated in the neighborhood that human bones had been found in the basement of the headquarters. The Hyogo Prefectural Police, who got wind of the story, even checked the site.

The “human bones” scandal later turned out to be a hoax, as a representative of Company H said.

A representative of Company H said, “The headquarters was told that the bones were 2 A representative of Company H also said, “There is a 2-meter-size armory at the headquarters. The “human bones” were later found to be a lie. YouTubers YouTubers are also saying that there were bones in the building, so it’s all reputational damage.

The dismantling of the Takumi group’s headquarters is not a simple matter, but what is of interest is where they will be resold.

The truth is that the July “The truth is, we were planning to clear the land by July 20,” he said. The next scheduled demolition is scheduled for early August. The next schedule is for early August. I think the work will be done by Obon. Then it’s yo-yo-don. I’m not excluding anyone and I treat them equally.

I am a religious person and I like to help people. So there will be no more offices where you can’t even walk in front of. I just want peace. All I want is for the town to be better. I think I was given that role.

The first Takumi group built an era with its abundant financial resources. The symbol of the Takumi clan is about to disappear amidst the swell of the times.

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