Nozomi Sasaki’s “Kissing figure with a duck face wearing a headband” makes fans happy! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Nozomi Sasaki’s “Kissing figure with a duck face wearing a headband” makes fans happy!

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Nozomi Sasaki during her attendance at a film festival (AFLO)

Actress and model Nozomi Sasaki’s “kissing face shot with a black headband” on her Instagram account is getting a lot of attention. She posted it via the Instagram’s story function.

Sasaki is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt that is tight to her body. She is wearing a black headband and has her forehead out, looking very cute. She wears a large, well-designed ring on her finger and small earrings in her ears, which are very impressive.

Sasaki is holding a glass of yellow liquid in her hand and is looking at the camera for a picture. What was interesting to me was Sasaki’s expression. She is kissing the glass with a duck face and a pout. This photo is too angelic for her fans to handle!

Sasaki wrote the following in her post.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the headband I’ve been wearing a lot lately. It’s a headband from a place called ALEXANDRE DE PARIS! Headband always make my ears hurt, but this one doesn’t, and it’s easy to match with my clothes, so I love it.”

ALEXANDRE DE PARIS is one of France’s leading hair accessory brands.

Sasaki’s stage show “Drunken Angel” had its final performance and she seems to have settled down a bit recently. The other day she went back to her hometown Akita and she posted a series of her memories on Instagram.

“I was back in Akita for a little while! I went to some of my favorite restaurants, as many as I could, and got a lot of delicious food!” (From Sasaki’s Instagram)

(From Sasaki’s Instagram) So, I introduced Sasaki’s recommended gourmet foods in Akita, such as Japanese food and hamburger stores one after another.

By the way, he was also fishing.

“The sea in Akita is really beautiful and pleasant! I was healed!” (Same)

In order to provide for her family, Sasaki has been very busy this year, “working a lot” on stage and in dramas. She also seemed to have been busy working on her own fashion brand. Now, I wonder if she was able to recharge her batteries for the end of the year and next year after this trip home. We can’t take our eyes off Sasaki more and more. ……!

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