Atsuko Sendo’s beauty as an adult at the launch of “Queen of Evil”… The reason why Atsuko Sendo “has been sought after since her return to drama after a 23-year absence”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Atsuko Sendo’s beauty as an adult at the launch of “Queen of Evil”… The reason why Atsuko Sendo “has been sought after since her return to drama after a 23-year absence”.

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Atsuko Sendo exudes elegance. She is sought after for movies and TV dramas.

In late July, a woman with an appearance so innocent that she seemed out of place came out of a busy dining bar in Shibuya. She is Atsuko Sendo, 53, an actress.

On that day, the dining bar was hosting the launch of the Netflix drama “Queen of Villainy,” which is scheduled to be distributed by the end of the year. Popular comedian Yuriyan Retriever (32), who played the lead role, as well as almost all of the main cast members, including Erika Karada (25) and Ayame Goriki (30), were in attendance,” said a source from the entertainment agency.

Toward the end of the meeting, Sendo and his manager left before the other participants and scurried along the side of the road. Apparently, they were looking for an empty cab, but there was a certain elegance to each of their gestures that gave them an aura of actresses.

Speaking of Sendo, she debuted as a child actress in the early 1980s and became popular as an idol actress through soft drink commercials and the hit “Sailor Suit Rebellion” (NTV), in which she starred alongside Miho Nakayama (53). At the same time, she was also highly acclaimed for her roles in films such as “The Life of Hanako Kiryuin” and “Hakubesho,” and was so talented that she won the Japan Academy Award for Best New Actor in 1984.

In the drama “Tombo” (TBS), in which she appeared in 1988, she played Azusa, the younger sister of Eiji Ogawa, a yakuza played by Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi (66), who became the talk of the town. The hard-hitting drama was also worth watching as a pure love story between Eiji’s younger brother, Tsunekichi Mito, played by Sho Aikawa (62), and Azusa. The viewers were even seriously worried about Azusa’s condition,” said a person involved in the production of the drama at the time.

Sendo was at the height of her popularity when she married actor Ogata Naoto (55), with whom she co-starred in the drama, in 1993. After giving birth to her first son in 1996, she regrettably took a long hiatus. She returned to acting for the first time in 23 years with the drama “Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni” (TBS) in the July 2006 season. She played the role of the mother of the main character, Suzu, and her unchanged innocent beauty and acting were well received as “a new mother actress replacing Keiko Matsuzaka. Since then, she has been in demand for movies and TV dramas.

On August 3, a press conference was held for the period drama “Onihei Hankacho” (Jidai Gekijo Channel), which will be broadcast next year. Koshiro Matsumoto (50), who plays the lead role of Heizo Hasegawa, the chief of the Firebrand Thief Reformatory, talked about his wife, Sendo, who plays Hisae,

Heizo’s wife, Koshiro Matsumoto, 50, who plays the lead role of Heizo, said of Sendo, who plays Hisae, “Heizo has many quiet but important scenes in which Hisae reaches out to Heizo in a moment of relief.

He also praised Sendo’s work. With a movie scheduled for release, fans of yesteryear have high expectations for her further success.

Atsuko Sendo scurrying around looking for a cab
Atsuko Sendo at the peak of her popularity in 1991.
  • PHOTO. Yuri Adachi (1st and 2nd), Masaharu Uemoto (3rd)

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