Millions of yen⁉ The star development method of “Flame” that enabled the “generous support” to Candle Jun. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Millions of yen⁉ The star development method of “Flame” that enabled the “generous support” to Candle Jun.

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Fram, which was established with Hirosue as its signature actress at the time of its establishment, has grown into an agency with a large number of successful actresses.

Actress Ryoko Hirosue (43), who announced her divorce from her husband, candle artist Candle Jun (49), on July 23, is still reeling from the “aftermath” of the divorce about a month later.

She was suspended indefinitely by her office in June after Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported her affair with the famous chef Shusaku Toba (45). On April 14, it was announced on the company’s YouTube channel that Mr. Toba had been dismissed from the board of directors of Sizzle Corporation, of which he was the representative director, and that he had been given a pay cut.

According to media reports, Hirose was already divorced on her July 1 birthday. According to various media reports, Hirosue is as steel-minded as ever, as she held a birthday party on her birthday, July 1, at her home, which Jun had already left. In an interview with Shukan Bunshun, she revealed that her life with her three children is the most important thing right now and that she has not even thought about remarrying Mr. Toba yet.

Meanwhile, Mr. Toba has lost most of his work in Japan, and the only places he has left are in Tokyo, where he originally worked, and an old private house restaurant that he opened in Nagano Prefecture in July. He is said to be a talented chef and has received offers from abroad, but the possibility of his divorcing and remarrying Hirosue is close to zero.

Despite these two, on July 31, the news site “Shukan Josei PRIME” reported a shocking article about Mr. Jun.

According to the article, Mr. Jun has been involved in relief activities in the disaster-stricken areas, but since February 2002, when Hirosue was reportedly having an affair with actor Takeru Sato (34), millions of yen have been transferred monthly from Hirosue’s agency, Fram, to Mr. Jun personally and his company, perhaps as a hush money or consolation payment. The money was used to fund Jun’s activities. This is the source of funding for Jun’s activities.

In his post-divorce statement, Mr. Jun announced that he would not claim alimony from Mr. Toba, but the article has convinced us that this is no longer the case. It seems that he was no longer receiving financial support from Mr. Toba, and that he was receiving enough change from the alimony he could get from Mr. Toba. If that is the case, then he probably did not receive any alimony from Hirosue either.

Until now, Frahm has not commented on Mr. Jun’s financial support. However, if this article is true, it would suggest that the entertainment agency earns a considerable amount of money, and this is because the agency has been unexpectedly producing stars one after another in a “relay system.

Originally, Fram was established in 1998 by Yoshihisa Inoue, who had served as manager of the already successful Hirosue’s agency. In the meantime, Sayaka Yamaguchi (43), who has almost the same artistic background as Hirosue and has strong acting ability, moved to the new company, and Koyuki (46), a model-turned-actress, made her debut as an actress. For a time, when Hirosue was on maternity leave after a series of marriages and divorces, she was the office’s top earner. However, Koyuki became unhappy with the fact that the top of the pecking order at the office was Hirosue, and after her marriage to actor Kenichi Matsuyama in ’11, she became a business associate.

The two women who have emerged to replace Koyuki are Erika Toda (35) and model-turned-actress Michiko Kichise (48). Toda, who had been active since elementary school, quickly rose to prominence and completely surpassed Mayuko Fukuda (29), who at one time emerged as a child prodigy. Kichise married a company president in 2010 and had a child, and although they later divorced, she emerged as a celebrity mother figure. In the past, she was often barter for Hirosue and Koyuki to get into film productions, but when Toda and Kichise rose to prominence, offers for high-profile productions started pouring in without the help of Hirosue,” said a source at a TV station.

(According to a TV station insider.) Hirosue had been flamboyant with men since she was young, and Toda followed that line completely. She was involved with a number of male celebrities who later rose to prominence, including Matsuyama (who later became Koyuki’s husband), Shingo Murakami (41) of Kanjani Eight, Go Ayano (41), and Ryo Narita (29). In 2010, she married actor Momori Matsuzaka (34), and finally settled down after the birth of their first child last year.

There are about 20 talents belonging to Frahm’s and about the same number of employees. The number of talent at Fram is around 20, and we have about the same number of employees, so we have an environment where the people in charge are attentive to our work and private lives, and we can consult with them. Toda was an exception, but it was not until Kasumi Arimura (30), who passed an audition while still in high school in 2009, that the company began to manage her private life as well. Before her breakthrough, however, she was photographed “kissing” a celebrity who belonged to Johnny’s at the time. This led to even stricter control by the office.

Next was Erika Karada (25), who was scouted by Hirosue’s former manager, and who had been developing well, but was still reeling from the damage caused by her reported affair with Masahiro Higashide in 2008. However, Hoka Matsumoto (26), who admired Arimura, began to sell and filled Karada’s hole, and in ’20, Minami Tanaka (36) moved on. Tanaka Minami (36) moved in in 2008. Now, Arimura and Tanaka are in the top two positions. Karada was an exception, but the talents after Arimura are very particular about their acting and have a very high awareness of it. We give them enough salary as a percentage, so there are not many talents who quit the company.

Thanks to such an office environment and the efforts of the talents, it seems that the “generous support” to Mr. Jun was possible. What will become of the relationship between the agency and Hirosue in the future?

On location for the movie “The Demon Over There. Hirosue played Toyoetsu’s wife (May ’22).
Arimura played the role of a hard-headed paralegal in “Ishiko to Habu Otoko” (TBS) (May ’22).
In “Boyfriend Descending! (May ’22), in which she played the heroine alongside Yuki Sakurai. Tanaka (October 2010), who is now more of an actress than a freelance announcer.
  • PHOTO. Kazuhiko Nakamura (1st photo: Hirosue), Yusuke Kondo, Tetsuo Tabata, Ken Sugawara

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