The world is moaning! …Beautiful girl metalcore band “Hanayake. Exclusive photos of them in yukata! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The world is moaning! …Beautiful girl metalcore band “Hanayake. Exclusive photos of them in yukata!

A sensation in the metal scene at home and abroad!

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On July 26, Sony Music released his album “Next Life is Great! and debuted with the release of

There are many beautiful girl bands in Japan, but none have made such an impact as “Hanayake. No one else has made such an impact as “Hanayake”.

So powerful was the band that they quickly became known overseas and were inundated with love calls, so much so that a world tour of 32 cities in Europe and the United States, including Milan, London, and New York, was scheduled in advance of their major label debut on July 26.

The music video for the popular song “Wagamanto,” which triggered the “world-first buzz,” has already been viewed 2 million times on YouTube. The song is about a girl who wants to eat sweets in the middle of the night, and she shouts out her love for sugar in a death voice over a heavy metal soundtrack.

Hanakairoe” was about to leave Japan for a world tour. When I heard that the members were in Tokyo, I rushed to a studio to find them all dressed in yukata (summer kimono). The gap moe.

According to the leader Matsuri (guitar and clean vocals), “Hanakae. is a band formed by Yukina (vocals) and Hetz (bass & chorus), who were classmates in junior and senior high school together with the members of the light music club.

Yukina Chika, a drummer, joined the band in May of this year, and it took its current form. We discussed the risk of having the name of the band in English, so we decided to use Japanese kanji characters for the name. …… I was born in April, and Matsuri and Hetz were born in December, so we decided on “Hanakairoe,” which means “spring” and “cold. I decided on “Hanakairo” because it has “spring” in it and “cold” in it. It means that the cold returns during the flower season, and it’s also a seasonal word, so I thought it would be “nice.

Chika: My musical roots are in “Spitz,” which I have listened to since I was in elementary school. The song “Words of Love” is my favorite. It is totally different from the music I play now.

Hetz: I am different too. I like anime songs, and I listened to them all the time. I especially like “Sword Art Online,” for which LiSA sang the theme song.

Matsuri I originally liked punk music, and I started listening to “Hi-STANDARD,” and then I started listening to overseas artists like “Currents” and “Gideon,” and then I was completely swamped by metal music. More hardcore-oriented.

Yukina: “Hanayake. started out as a copy band of “Maximum the Hormone,” and that was my entry point to “Hysteric Panic” and Japanese loud rock. Everyone listens to different music, so I learned a lot of ideas when writing songs. We don’t clash with each other over “musical direction.

We are like a family” (Yukina) and “Matsuri is the father, Hetz is the mother, and Yukina is the big sister” (Chika). Matsuri sees it as a “gap.

Hetz: Chica looks cool, but she moves and talks in a squishy way (laughs). I felt the gap as soon as I met her. She loves ice cream and reacts to the word “ice cream” like a small dog.

Yukina Matsuri is firm, but she often loses things. She holds her phone in her hand and says, “Where is my phone~?” and look for it at …… (laughs).

Matsuri: I am aware of that. I have a string attached to my phone so that I don’t lose it.

Yukina The other day, I forgot the whole string (laughs).

Matsuri Yukina has a manly side. She has a strong core, but when the “dam” breaks for some reason, she cries like a baby.

Yukina sometimes goes into …… negativity when things don’t go well.

Hetz: And yet, Yukina also wears glasses and searches for them, saying, “Megane, megane! It’s like a classic contrast (laughs).

The members of the group are not only unenthusiastic about the fact that their world tour will begin only a week after their debut, but they all say they are excited about it.

Yukina: “We were recognized overseas with the song “Wagamanto” by the COVID-19 crisis. We got a lot of comments like, “You should do a live concert! I got a lot of comments saying, “You should do a live show!” But I couldn’t make it, so I had to wait for ……! I’ve been waiting for you to come to our show.

Matsuri I was surprised at how many people listened to my song, even though there is a lot of Japanese in the lyrics. I plan to use more and more Japanese in the future. However, I am conscious of putting words in the chorus that are easy to understand and pronounce for people overseas.

Hetz: One of my dreams is to work as a dressmaker, and I was in charge of the stage costumes for “Hanakairoe. I am looking forward to going to Italy.

Chika: I have a friend studying abroad in New York, so I am looking forward to visiting America.

Matsuri We are going across the U.S., you know. A new band. It will be a great experience.

Yukina I am so grateful to be able to visit 32 cities on our first overseas tour.

Matsuri We will be out of Japan for about two months after our debut, but we would like to work without setting up a base. I would like to have a 50-50 split.

Yukina If I can, I would like to sing on music programs such as “Music Station” (TV Asahi). I think the fans would be happy.

Chika I would like to meet “Spitz” and “SEKAI NO OWARI. Then there is Fluffy (laughs).

Hetz: I would like to meet Junko Koshino!

While her songs are intense and violent, inside she is “a girl who looks like she could be in Harajuku. This gap between the two is what makes foreign listeners moe.

I want to stand at the Nippon Budokan in two years when the band celebrates its 10th anniversary. I will do everything I can to make this world tour a success and come back to Japan for that!

At the end of the interview, Yukina stated her goal as follows. From the world to Japan – the divergence from the norm can be said to be one of the charms of “Hanayakie. is also an appealing feature of “Hanayake.

(From left) Chika, Matsuri, Yukina, and Hetz held a live 3-part release event for the US, Japan, and Europe the day after their debut!
The one-man tours in Osaka and Nagoya just prior to their debut were all sold out. The next time you can see them in Japan is in October.
While filming the event, Matsuri said, “I don’t talk about love” (Matsuri) and Hetz said, “I get itchy when I watch romantic movies” (Hetz). They are going on a rampage in their day jobs!
Unpublished cut from this issue of “Hanayake,” a beautiful girl’s metalcore band. The world is in love with the beautiful girl metal-core band “Hanayake!
Unpublished cuts from the magazine The beautiful girl metalcore band “Hanakae. The world is moeing for the beautiful girl metalcore band “Hanakae! PHOTO:Yusuke Takagi

From the August 18 and 25, 2023 issues of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO Hiroyuki Komatsu, Yusuke Takagi (live)

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