Sex Workers Make Money as a Part-Time Job by “Threatening Men with Sexual Images” – Report on the Raw and Horrifying Reality of “Threatening Men with Sexual Images | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sex Workers Make Money as a Part-Time Job by “Threatening Men with Sexual Images” – Report on the Raw and Horrifying Reality of “Threatening Men with Sexual Images

Nonfiction writer Kota Ishii delves into the depths of Japanese society!

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It is not only women who are victims. Men can also get into trouble (photo is an image).

Recently, some women who sell their bodies in the sex industry and private prostitution have been involved in sextortion, a form of extortion and fraud that uses sexual images and videos. Following Part 1: “Sextortion,” a horrifying method of blackmailing female university students with sexual images, we will discuss the details of this scam.

Hinata Ueda (pseudonym, 27 years old) was first involved in sextortion when she was invited by Ami, whom she had met while working in the adult entertainment industry. She would have men she met on an adulterous matching app send her dubious texts and videos, find out their personal information, and then blackmail them.

However, Hinata and Ami did not do everything from start to finish. Behind the scenes, there were men from the delinquent group who were in charge.

First, she and the other men in the delinquent group created multiple accounts on an adulterous matching app and corresponded with dozens of men at once. When they found a man who seemed to have a sweet side, they would meet over the Internet via video call, exchange nude images of each other, and show each other how they masturbated. All of these images are then photographed and saved.

After that, they are asked to share their Facebook pages, etc., and if they can extract their personal information, that is good, but if not, they resort to other means. If not, they will resort to other means.

I’m still nervous about meeting someone on an adulterous matching app, so I ask them to send me a picture of their driver’s license or insurance card. I’ll send you mine.

Normally, men would be reluctant to do this. However, at this point, since they have already shown each other their naked bodies and are one step closer to meeting face-to-face, it is difficult for them to make a decision to refuse. So they send images of their driver’s licenses and insurance cards.

If you don’t want to be exposed, give me 800,000 yen.”

A lighthearted act can lead to a crime (photo is an image).

At that moment, the men behind the scenes appear and send messages. They would show the previous exchanges, naked pictures and videos, and their IDs, and say, “This has been shared with the company and our families.

If you don’t want your company or family to know about this, give me 800,000 yen.

Twenty percent of the men lose contact with them, but 80% of them pay. The delinquent group gets 70% of the money thus obtained, and Hinata and Ami get 30%.

In fact, similar crimes are said to be spreading among other delinquent groups. Why on earth is this?

It is dangerous to take off one’s clothes and send images easily, even if one has reservations about the other party (the pictures are for reference only).

I was introduced to Biko (26 years old) through Hinata and asked for her background; Biko has been working in the sex industry since she was 20 years old, and after the COVID-19 crisis, she worked for a group of delinquents she knew in an illegal aid delivery service.

She said, “I used to work in the sex industry only.

In the past, I was able to earn a good amount of money just by doing sex work or working as an aid-deli worker. But after Corona, the number of girls doing prostitution increased so much that I couldn’t get any customers, and it wasn’t going well. So I had to do something else to make money.

En deri is an illegal practice in which a group of delinquents finds customers through social networking sites and dispatches them to hotels or other places to engage in prostitution.

In fact, it is said that the COVID-19 crisis has caused the market price of prostitution to drop dramatically, and it has become quite difficult to earn tens of thousands of yen in one day, as it used to be. So groups of delinquents and women have turned to sextortion in order to obtain another source of income.

They have no qualms about taking naughty pictures.”

I don’t know how naked pictures can be misused (photo is for reference only)

Child B says.

The group told me to talk to girls who work in the sex industry and recruit them. The girls who are working in the sex industry are not so resistant to taking off their clothes or sending naughty pictures through video calls. Some stores make them do it as an option, so there are very few girls who say absolutely not. So I ask girls I met when I used to work at the store or girls I met on social networking sites to do it for me. Hinata was one of them.

Recently, many girls are working part-time in adult video chat rooms while working in the sex industry.

Nevertheless, sexting is a respectable crime, and the risk of being arrested is high. What do you think about that?

In Biko’s words.

I feel the same way because it is illegal to do “aendei” (a kind of “aide-deli”). Besides, it is safer and more profitable than “enderi” because it is only an online exchange. The people in the group do a good job, so I don’t think I’ll get caught.

For those already engaged in illegal activities such as illicit prostitution, sextortion may seem like an easier and safer job.

Also, according to information from Biko, hosts sometimes engage in crimes similar to this one. Currently, hosts’ business is conducted through their personal social networking sites, which are not only a tool to connect with customers who come to their establishments, but also a tool to appeal themselves as a host to a large number of women in order to build a fan base and attract them to their establishments.

It is said that bad quality hosts sometimes make good use of social networking sites to have customers or girls who become their fans send nude photos to them, and then threaten to leak the photos if they do not come to the restaurant and order a bottle of champagne, or directly demand money or goods from them.

There have always been a certain number of crimes in which criminals have used their weakness to extort money or goods from people, but most of them were the work of “professionals” such as gangsters. However, with the spread of smartphones, it is becoming a crime that even amateurs can easily get their hands on. Among these crimes, sextortion is actively being committed by those who live in the gray world of prostitution and the water trade.

What is troubling is that such crimes are committed in the darkness of the web and are very difficult to see. Whether or not such problems, which are likely to increase in the future, can be prevented depends on the awareness of the people involved.

  • Reporting and writing Kota Ishii

    Born in Tokyo in 1977. Nonfiction writer. He has reported and written about culture, history, and medicine in Japan and abroad. His books include "Absolute Poverty," "The Body," "The House of 'Demons'," "43 Killing Intent," "Let's Talk about Real Poverty," "Social Map of Disparity and Division," and "Reporto: Who Kills the Japanese Language?

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