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Sextortion” blackmailing female university students with sexual images for job hunting advice.

Nonfiction writer Kota Ishii delves into the depths of Japanese society!

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It is dangerous to easily send an undressed image even if you have discretion (photo is an image).

Extortion and fraud using sexual images and videos is known as “sextortion.

In a case the author once covered, a man in his late 20s targeted mainly women who were looking for jobs.

He called himself a job-hunting advisor and posted job-hunting information on social networking sites. While offering advice to the women he met there, he deepened his friendship with them by having online drinks and chatting with them.

For a young woman at a crossroads in her life, a man is her emotional support and someone she places special trust in. So, without a doubt, they tell them the name of their university, where they want to work, and their real names.

Once the man has the woman’s personal information, he will offer to take her out for a drink or a message online.

I’d love to see naked pictures of you, O✕✕. I’ve been helping you for free for a long time. I’m not going to ask you out of the blue to have sex with me, please, just give me a picture.

I’m not going to ask you for sex out of the blue, just give me a picture.

You never know how naked pictures can be used against you.

The woman had been helping me find a job for free for a long time, so I was in a position where it was hard to say no. In addition, she was drunk from online drinking, so she said, “Well, just a little bit,” and sent a selfie of herself naked.

At that moment, the man changes his attitude and sends this message.

[Joon’s name, the name of his university, and where he hopes to get a job are all held. If you don’t want these images leaked, you have to pay me one million yen.

The women were terrified that if their nude images were leaked, not only would they not get a job, but their lives would be over. They are then forced to prepare and pay the money as they are told.

This is a very malicious scheme, but there is no end to the number of victims of sextortion.

In the old days, you would be browsing an adult site when suddenly the screen would change and you would be told, “I took your masturbation picture. We have proof that you are a member of a gay dating site, and we have stolen your correspondence with your lover. We have proof that you are a member of a gay dating site, and we have stolen your correspondence with your lover. If you don’t want to be exposed, you will have to pay us in Bitcoins.

Furthermore, as smartphones became more popular, crimes like the one described at the beginning of this article began to increase. This is probably due in large part to the ability to easily take selfies with one’s smartphone and the widespread use of online drinking to cloud one’s judgment of the other party.

Complicated responses are required when trouble arises (photo is an image).

In recent years, along with the younger age of SNS users, the number of victims has spread to teenagers. Some of them are unable to make the requested money and are even introduced to special scams and other jobs, leading them to commit crimes.

In the first place, why is it so easy to send naked pictures, etc.? The perpetrator of the incident described in the introduction explained to the author: “Young girls nowadays are more likely to send naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends and to their friends.

Young girls nowadays usually take pictures of themselves kissing their boyfriends, or take selfies of themselves in their underwear or lightly nude and send them. It is not uncommon for some of them to say that they have taken pictures of themselves having sex.

So if you can get them into a situation where it is hard for them to refuse, it is possible to get them to send nude photos even if they are only online. It is not as hard as middle-aged people think. Women, especially those who are job-hunting, are very trusting of someone who is offering advice at a time when they are anxious, so they skillfully take advantage of that.”

Young people may not feel much resistance to sharing the name of their university with others. But in a sextortion, one must realize that it is as much personal information as giving out one’s address or place of employment.

However, a slightly different type of crime is emerging in the world of sextortion. Some women in the sex industry and the private prostitution industry have been sexting men.

What does this mean? Here is the story of one of the women who agreed to be interviewed.

Sending masturbation videos to men

Sometimes an act done for the other person’s benefit can lead to a crime.

0 Hinata Ueda (pseudonym, age 27)

Since she was 19 years old, Hinata Ueda had been working in cabarets and lounges in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo. Although she was making a good amount of money, she lost her job due to the COVID-19 crisis of ’20.

She had a debt of about 800,000 yen, so she had no choice but to work in the sex industry. However, the sex industry was also hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and was not as profitable as she had expected. Hinata tried to make ends meet by using social networking services for private prostitution and adult live chat.

However, even as the COVID-19 crisis began to abate, the sex industry remained saturated, and competition became even tougher as young girls entered the market one after another.

It was then that Hinata was approached by Ami, a woman she had met at a brothel where she had previously worked.

She said, “I have a part-time job where you can earn money through a matching app.

When I asked her for more details, it was blackmail by sextortion. First, she registered with a well-known matching app for infidelity. There, they connect with an unspecified number of men and exchange messages of dubious content. Sometimes, they would send them videos of themselves masturbating.

Once they get to know each other well, they are given social networking sites such as Facebook, which are full of personal information, and they extract information about their profession, family, friends, etc. from the social networking sites. When they are ready, they will show you the salacious texts and videos they have exchanged and say, “I know all about you, your family and your place of employment.

I know all about your family and work. If you don’t want me to reveal this information, you will give me $200,000.

For the men, it is not easy to say no because they have information about their families and workplaces. If he rushed to the police, his family would find out about it. Therefore, they made a hard decision to accept the payment.

Hinata was excited to hear that she could make a profit, but she was a little worried that the police might catch her. When Hinata told her this, Ami replied, “Don’t worry.

If you ask them to give you 10 million yen, they will run to the police, but for a few hundred thousand yen, they will all manage to get a cash advance or something and pay it. If you don’t force them to do anything, they won’t know. It’s their fault in the first place.”

Hinata took Ami up on her offer and tried it, and it was an easy success. But only after trying it did she realize that there was a big group behind such a “part-time job. Hinata is entangled in the power of that group, whether she wants to or not–.

Why do women who sell their bodies become involved in sextortion? What is the group behind it?

The details and voices of these women will be discussed in detail in Part 2: Reporting on the Raw Reality of Sex Workers Who “Threaten Men with Sexual Images” and Make a Rough Living as Part-Time Workers.

Part 2: Reporting on the Raw Realities of Sex Workers Making Rough Money as Part-Time Work ers “Threatening Men with Sexual Images”.

  • Reporting and writing Kota Ishii

    Born in Tokyo in 1977. Nonfiction writer. He has reported and written about culture, history, and medicine in Japan and abroad. His books include "Absolute Poverty," "The Body," "The House of 'Demons'," "43 Killing Intent," "Let's Talk about Real Poverty," "Social Map of Disparity and Division," and "Reporto: Who Kills the Japanese Language?

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