Finally, a deposit! Mr. Komuro’s mother’s former fiancé talks about how he spent the 4.09 million yen. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Finally, a deposit! Mr. Komuro’s mother’s former fiancé talks about how he spent the 4.09 million yen.

The contents of the "confirmation letter" signed in the negotiations are also available at ......

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Mr. Komuro Completes Negotiations

The time has finally come: on November 12, Kei Komuro, 30, and Mr. A, the former fiancée of Komuro’s mother, Kayo, signed a “letter of confirmation. The money has finally been transferred, Mr. A says.

“Mr. A said, “On November 15, three days after the negotiations, the settlement money was transferred, in a lump sum of 4,093,000 yen.

The name of the payee was somehow changed to “Bengoshi Ueshiva. It is believed to be in the name of Mr. Komuro’s attorney, Naofumi Ueshiba.

The confirmation letter presented by the other side during the negotiations was said to be quite simple. The following is the text. In the actual document, Mr. A’s real name is written where “A” is used.

A and Kayo Komuro have been involved in a case in which their past relationship and other matters have been covered in weekly magazines and various other media since December 2009 (referring to the so-called “financial trouble” or “debt problem”). (This refers to the so-called “financial trouble” or “debt problem”; hereinafter referred to as “this matter”). We hereby mutually confirm that we have today reached a final settlement of this matter and all issues surrounding this matter. In addition, A will receive 4,093,000 yen as a settlement for this matter.

There was no mention of the transfer date or whether the payment would be made in a lump sum or in installments. Therefore, Mr. A was wondering if the money would really be transferred and when it would be transferred. However, he was relieved to hear that the money was transferred safely.

“I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the money I get back yet. I don’t live a comfortable life, so I may use it to pay for living expenses, or I may use it to repair my parents’ house, which is falling apart in many places. In any case, I am happy that the money has been returned to me. However, I can’t say that we were able to talk honestly with each other during the negotiations, and there were no words of apology from the other side. When I asked him, “Where do you plan to live in New York? He replied, “I’m a private person. I guess he didn’t want me to pry, but it left me with an uncomfortable feeling.

The uncomfortable feeling that the ex-fiancee had will not disappear in the future.

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