Adulterous partner posts “surreptitious” two-shot…? When Uno Kanda, who showed her dignity, was “outraged” by her husband’s infidelity…? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Adulterous partner posts “surreptitious” two-shot…? When Uno Kanda, who showed her dignity, was “outraged” by her husband’s infidelity…?

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Uno Kanda answers about her husband Nishimura’s affair in ’08. Did her shoulder straps snap in anger?

Uno Kanda (48)’s Instagram post on July 30, the day of the Sumida River Fireworks Festival, is getting a lot of feedback. She uploaded four two-shot photos of her husband, Takuro Nishimura (53), the president of the “Nittaku Group,” in front of a helicopter, posing closely with his hands around her neck,

Wearing my favorite T-shirt and sneakers that my dad gave me as a present last year, I enjoyed the Sumida River fireworks for the first time in four years with everyone.

I thank you so much for a fun time,” she commented. The report claimed that this photo was taken to “rub Nishimura’s nose in it” for the woman with whom he was allegedly having an affair, as reported in the “Josei Seven” report on July 27.

On a night in mid-July, after having dinner with a tall and stylish woman at a yakitori restaurant, Nishimura and the woman huddled together unnoticed and took a cab to Nishimura’s apartment. The woman did not come out of the apartment until after the date changed. Posing for a photo taken at this time, in which the woman closely hugged Nishimura’s shoulder and Uno’s Instagram pose are exactly the same. Furthermore Uno was wearing a white Vuitton T-shirt, jeans, and white Vuitton sneakers.

Uno wrote, “The T-shirt and sneakers were a gift from Mr. Nishimura last year. It seems to be a strong “wife mount” to the cheating partner, saying, “I am also getting the same things.

(Women’s magazine reporter) Kanda’s post was met with surprise and admiration on the Internet, with comments such as, “She doesn’t care about you,” “Her resolute attitude is very celebrity-like,” and “I would throw away the same clothes as my mistress, but she’s too strong.

Since their marriage in 2007, Uno Kanda and Takuro Nishimura have often been reported to be in discord, living apart, and suspected of having an affair with each other. Despite this, the couple never divorced, with Kanda saying , “I don’t want to be too close to each other. Kanda has publicly stated, “I don’t want to be too close, and living separately is also my lifestyle,” and they have continued to live separately. It seemed as if they were just a “married couple in disguise,” but then something happened that changed the public’s view of the couple 180 degrees.

In 2008, Nishimura suffered a stroke. For a month and a half, Ms. Uno went to the hospital every day and accompanied him to rehabilitation. She also provided complete support for her husband, pretending to be healthy without telling anyone outside the family about his illness. Perhaps the stress of her husband’s illness led to Uno’s own hospitalization. Mr. Nishimura has recovered enough to be able to play at night. At first glance, the two may seem to be doing as they please, but there may be a strong bond between the two of them. It is probably nothing to worry about an affair or two at this point.

Kanda, too, seemed to lose her temper about Nishimura’s infidelity when they were first married. This happened at a press conference she attended immediately after this magazine reported Nishimura’s “Hakodate affair trip with a beautiful hostess” in March 2008.

The press conference was a PR event for a musical that had nothing to do with the affair, but 100 members of the press poured in, and Kanda was forced to comment on the affair report.

–Kanda was forced to comment on the affair.

I know (laughs).

–Did you two discuss it?

He seems to be reflecting on the trip. …… but we eat dinner together and I’m cooking dinner again today.

Kanda smiled and showed that she and her husband were happy together, but before this exchange, during a dance performance with the cast, the straps of her dress “snapped” (or more accurately, the hooks came undone). A person involved in an entertainment production company said at the time that this might have been an expression of her true feelings.

After the news report, Nishimura told several acquaintances, “I heard that she was very angry with Kanda. Uno was so furious with him that she told him he was under house arrest for the time being, strictly forbidding him from going out at night. Uno said at the press conference that her husband seemed to be reflecting on his past, but in reality, she had made him reflect on his past. Ms. Nishimura even stopped going to the club she had been going to every day.

It is normal for a wife to be angry when her husband cheats on her, and after 15 years of twists and turns, there was a period of time like this before they arrived at their current “married” form.

This shot was taken before the shoulder strap broke. It was a PR event for a musical (March 2008).
Mr. Nishimura and the woman with whom he was having an affair enjoying a snowball fight at Red Brick, a tourist attraction in Hakodate.
Although they were traveling in a group, Nishimura was always accompanied by a woman with whom he is said to have had a close relationship for many years.
A photo posted by Uno Kanda on SNS on July 30. Even her pose and outfit are similar to those in the affair report (from her own Instagram).
  • PHOTO Takeshi Kinugawa, Sota Shima (Hakodate)

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