Neymar in Roppongi, Enrique in Shibuya… Paris Saint-Germain’s “Stars Off Duty | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Neymar in Roppongi, Enrique in Shibuya… Paris Saint-Germain’s “Stars Off Duty

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Neymar enters the hotel where he is staying, surrounded by fans. This is the second consecutive year that Neymar has visited Japan.

This year, too, many of the world’s superstars came to Japan.

From late July to early August, a number of prestigious teams from major foreign leagues visited Japan. Manchester City, the English first division Premier League champions and this season’s Champions League winners, and Inter, a member of Italy’s first division and runners-up in the Champions League. In addition, Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr, with Cristiano Ronaldo (38), visited Japan.

The team that drew the most attention was Paris Saint-Germain, a member of France’s first division. Paris Saint-Germain is led by Brazilian superstar Neymar (31), and Luis Enrique (53), who has coached the Spanish national team and other teams, has been at the helm since this season.

The fans at the airport, hotels, and training grounds cheered the superstar’s every move. The match against Inter Milan at the National Stadium on August 1 attracted more than 50,000 fans, even though it was a weekday. They were intoxicated by the beautiful skills of the world’s top players,” said a writer for a soccer magazine.

Their “beautiful skills” continued even after they took off their spikes. On July 29, when Neymar landed in Tokyo, he and his friends spotted him heading to the training ground from his hotel in Roppongi. He was dressed casually in a cap and clutch bag. He raised his hand lightly to answer the many fans waiting for him, then boarded a bus and left the hotel.

On July 30, he took advantage of his day off to dine at a high-class yakiniku restaurant specializing in Japanese beef in Akasaka, and then went to Kabukicho at night. He went to Kabukicho at night and disappeared with two beautiful blondes to a host club run by the host, Roland.

On the same day, the 30th, we found Director Enrique walking with a group of foreigners who looked like his staff at the scramble crossing in Shibuya. Immediately, he said

“Oh! Luis Enrique! Picture OK?

and fans surrounded him. He was still willing to have his picture taken with them, without a single look of disgust on his face. Enrique himself crossed the scramble crossing, taking pictures, and disappeared into the Shibuya area at night.

Other fans were also spotted, including Ethan Mbappe (16), the younger brother of France’s Kylian Mbappe (24), who showed a divine response to the fans, and the players who responded to the fan service. Here are some of their “super plays” outside the stadium.

Director Enrique arrives at Shibuya. When this magazine pointed a camera at him, he graciously agreed to be photographed.
Fans who noticed him on the street asked to take pictures of him. In front of a scramble intersection, he agreed to a two-shot photo.
Neymar (center) heads from his hotel to the practice field. Brazil’s Marquinhos (left) is in front of him, followed by Serbia’s Škriniar (right).
Neymar (center) looks toward the cheering crowd. Although it was only for a short time, it must have been a valuable experience for the fans to be able to see the superstars up close.
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