Johnny’s “sexual assault” has spread to China… Shizuka Kudo’s strategy to “expand into Greater China” with her two daughters is a miscalculation. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s “sexual assault” has spread to China… Shizuka Kudo’s strategy to “expand into Greater China” with her two daughters is a miscalculation.

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Shizuka is fully engaged as a producer and manager of Cocomi and Kōki, her two daughters. She was planning to make a full-fledged foray into China…

Experts from the United Nations Human Rights Council held a press conference in Tokyo on August 4 to criticize the late Johnny’s’s office founder, Janie Kitagawa, over the issue of sexual assault, calling it “a deeply disturbing allegation that hundreds of celebrities are involved in sexual exploitation and abuse. The results of the investigation will be reported to the UN Human Rights Council next June.

Later, members of the “Johnny’s Sexual Assault Victims’ Association,” a group of former Johnny’s talents who have complained of sexual abuse, held a press conference at the same location. At the press conference, Vice Representative Shimon Ishimaru said, “I believe that the issue of sexual assault has been recognized (by the UN side). The worst case of sexual abuse in the history of mankind has finally come to light.

Jimmy Savile, host of a long-running BBC program, became a major problem when his sexual abuse was discovered posthumously. The number of victims was estimated to be more than 500 men and women between the ages of 5 and 75, but in the case of Mr. Janney, the number may have reached four digits. It is likely to be reported extensively overseas in the future, and it will be difficult for Johnny’s’s talents to be active overseas,” said a reporter who covered the press conference.

The news is likely to affect not only Johnny’s talents but also their families.

Takuya Kimura’s wife, singer Shizuka Kudo, who is also known as Kimura Kimura, is currently actively engaged in a live acoustic concert tour, and on September 2, she will perform in Taiwan for the first time in 30 years. Shizuka, who also visited Taiwan in ’19 to accompany her second daughter, model Kōki, on her work, has always been popular there, and when she visited there in July to hold a press conference, she was a huge hit, with fans flooding the airport.

It is said that the main purpose of her visit to Taiwan was to help not only Kōki, but also her eldest daughter, Cocomi, a flutist, and her husband, Kimura, make a full-fledged entry into the Taiwanese market. Taiwan has many pro-Japanese families, and many wealthy people and companies are willing to invest in Shizuka and her family. Since he and his family have been able to expand into Greater China with their Taiwanese expansion, and the Taiwanese side has a pipeline to Japan, there are great benefits for both parties. As a family business, it was going to open up a large market.

However, when the United Nations intervened, the issue of sexual assault by her husband’s Johnny’s office came under further international scrutiny. Taiwanese investors and companies have also become reluctant to take action on this issue, and this is likely to cause the family to make a major change in their strategy in the future.

Kōki,” said Cocomi, “is very close to her mother, and since her entertainment career has taken off according to her support, it is likely that her mother will continue to be in charge of her management. However, Cocomi declared on her own official Instagram Stories on July 16, “I want to be married by the time I am 25. It appears to be a belated rebellion, and if so, Shizuka will have a headache. Kimutaku does not benefit from staying with Johnny’s, so Shizuka would probably want to encourage him to become independent. ……” (Entertainment Reporter)

Shizuka’s new song “Yusha no Hata (Flag of the Brave),” released on August 2, has been chosen as the theme song for the serial drama “Kagakuken no Onna season23” (TV Asahi), starring Yasuko Sawaguchi and to be broadcast from August 16. However, as soon as the announcement was made, the following comments were made: “Disappointing announcement since this morning,” “I’m not very good at this person,” and “I don’t think she fits in with Forensics. I don’t think she fits in with Forensic Sci.

To begin with, the Kimura family, led by Shizuka, is always a hot topic on social networking sites. “To begin with, the Kimura family, led by Shizuka, is always a hot topic on social networking sites, but there are clearly many people who are against them. There is a limit to how far you can go in developing a family business in Japan. That is why it must be a blow to have their expansion into Greater China come to a halt this time.

It seems that Shizuka’s leadership and Kimura’s moves will be the focus of even more attention in the future.

A rare three-shot of father and daughter after a concert in which Cocomi (right) performed (May ’22).
Cocomi (right) and Kōki, waiting for the car. Shizuka’s mom is busy loading the car with her staff.
Kimura and Cocomi walking their dog near their home; Cocomi had just made her debut as a model (March ’20).
Kimura and Shizuka on a date walking their dog in the COVID-19 crisis. They took a break at an ice cream shop on the way (May ’21).
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