This time, she is pissed off about food delivery… A convincing reason why Chizuru Azuma tends to get flamed on social networking sites. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

This time, she is pissed off about food delivery… A convincing reason why Chizuru Azuma tends to get flamed on social networking sites.

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Azuma tends to get flamed for anything on social networking sites. ……

It is reported that Chizuru Azuma (63)’s post (old tweet) in which she was upset with a food delivery person has caught fire.

It was supposed to be delivered in 30-40 minutes, but it took over 80 minutes and the delivery guy didn’t even show any signs of apologizing. Apparently a little miffed by this, Azuma smiled and said, “You were late. I guess it got cold.” The deliveryman replied, ” Oh, well, shall I take it home? The deliveryman said, “The address here is hard to find, isn’t it? I was so lost.” The deliveryman replied in a grumpy tone. When Azuma told the delivery person that he had ordered from them before, the delivery person replied, “It was a long time ago, wasn’t it? It seems I haven’t received an order for a long time.

Azuma responded, “Katchin,” he said,

I heard a “click” sound in my brain, but I took a deep breath and said, “You know, when you say something like this, the first thing you have to do is say, ‘I’m sorry. With that one word, I can forgive them. If you blame the customer’s address or the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve had an order, it halves the deliciousness of this dish and increases the level of discomfort,” I said in a preachy tone.

He posted, “I’m sorry.

This post was met with many objections, such as, “The delay in delivery may be due to a shortage of delivery staff,” “Don’t demand service from delivery staff who work for a low hourly wage,” and “Who do you think you are, talking from the top?

The reason why her post was still reported as “inflammatory” is probably because she has often caused a flaming commotion on social networking sites in the past.

Azuma posted that she and her husband, who is in a wheelchair, were refused a ride in a cab when they visited Kyoto in 2007. There, Azuma told the driver about the “Law for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities” and how their day, which was supposed to be fun, was ruined by the driver’s response. That was all well and good, but my friend who was with me told the driver, “The president of your company is a friend of mine. If you tell him this, you’ll be in big trouble. It was worse than refusing to get on the bus,'” said a reporter from a sports newspaper.

Also in 2009, when columnist and wheelchair user Natsuko Izena tried to get off at an unmanned station with stairs, JR advised her to get off at a manned station and take a cab. Izena posted, “I was refused a ride by JR,” but the repost (formerly retweeted) by Azuma caused a firestorm.

The case of Mr. Izena was an appeal for barrier-free access, but four JR staff members ended up accompanying him to the site to deal with the situation, and it was a “flaming case” that divided opinion sharply. In response to the firestorm that erupted, Azuma said, “The attacks on me that I retweeted were full of abuses without any logic. I wonder if they are trying to avoid the flames by inflicting psychological damage on me. I wonder if there are many people who have a hard time living. This is not an individual problem. It’s a social problem.

In April, she was attacked for “dissing Japan” in the sentence “Art and compassion were one or two steps ahead of Japan” in an Instagram post about her fun trip to Korea, the first overseas trip she had taken with her husband in 13 years. Why is Azuma so easily inflamed?

When the “#Protest against the proposed amendment to the Public Prosecutor’s Office Law” got popular, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was ridiculed by a political commentator who said, “You are a singer, but you are taking political action. At that time, Mr. Azuma made a post defending Ms. Kyary, which was praised on the Internet.

Including that incident, Mr. Azuma, as the chairman of a general incorporated association, has been supporting the bone marrow bank, which he has been doing for many years, and helping people with disabilities, and even he is susceptible to slander on the Internet. On top of that, she was once said to be the “No. 1 female celebrity I would like to have as a wife” and at the same time the “No. 1 woman who would fight back if she were molested,” and she has a tendency to speak somewhat one-sidedly. She is also said to be the “No. 1 woman who would fight back if she was molested,” and her tendency to be somewhat one-sided may have attracted a “fixed customer” of anti-molestors.

In a sense, she is a “popular” person, but she must not be at all happy about it.

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