At a dining bar in Shibuya…Erika Karada & Ayame Goriki & Yuriyan Spotted at the launch of the drama “The Villainous Queen”. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

At a dining bar in Shibuya…Erika Karada & Ayame Goriki & Yuriyan Spotted at the launch of the drama “The Villainous Queen”.

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Karada arrives by cab in front of the restaurant with her manager and office staff. Before entering the restaurant, they chugged down the drinks they had prepared!

On a July night when the daytime heat still lingered, beautiful women appeared one after another at a dining bar in Shibuya. Wearing a black one-piece dress, they chugged the drinks they were holding in their hands. This woman, who was in high spirits, was actress Erika Karada (25).

Five minutes later, Ayame Goriki (30), tall and slender, appeared in a navy set-up. I thought it was a get-together for actresses tonight, but …… actually popular comedian Yuriyan Retriebaa (32) entered the restaurant before the two of them. The cast of the Netflix drama “Queen of Evil”, which is scheduled to be distributed by the end of this year, had gathered for a launch party.

An entertainment reporter commented on the popular drama for distribution.

Netflix, which has ample funds, pays almost two to three times more than for terrestrial dramas, and because there are no commercials, even troubled actresses can be used. For Karada and Tsuyoshi, it was an offer they could not have wished for.

Three years have passed since the affair, and Karada has just resumed her activities. On the other hand, Tsuyoshi’s TV exposure had been drastically reduced after his relationship with businessman Yusaku Maezawa (47) and his independence in 2008.

Both of them have worked hard to increase their weight by more than 10 kg to prepare for their roles as professional wrestlers. They wanted to show a different side of themselves as much as possible. If the drama is successful, not only will they break new ground, but their public image will be restored and they may be able to make a full-fledged return to terrestrial broadcasting.

(A source close to the film company said, “This film is likely to be a turning point for the two actors who have overcome the scandal.

Tsuyoshi is dressed in a navy set-up with a striped shirt over it. With her own camera slung over her shoulder, she walked briskly.
Erika Karada and Ayame Goriki, two women who overcame scandals and are now aiming for a better future.
Erika Karada and Ayame Goriki, two people who have overcome scandals, and the destination they are aiming for.
Yuriyan Retriever attends the launch of the Netflix drama “Queen of Evil”.

From the August 11 , 2023 issue of FRIDAY

  • PHOTO. Yuri Adachi

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